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  • From: "David Yackley" <davidy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 15:38:20 -0800

Greetings DirectMusicians, 

Apologies for the spamish tangent:  I wanted to let all of you know that
I have decided to leave Microsoft - today is my last day.  I've really
enjoyed my time here but it's time to move on with the next phase of my


So what's next?  I've decided to return to the carefree life of the
bohemian musician.  So instead of saying things like, "It will take
cross group sync up of serious bandwidth to zero in on the target
deliverables", I've been practicing up on my musician-speak - things
like: "Aren't we past break already?", "Nice derivation of the
diminished scale" and the classic "So you want any fries with that?".


I have many interests musically - too many actually - and I'll be
heading off in a lot of directions, as a composer, arranger, producer,
educator (privately and hopefully teaching jazz theory, arranging and/or
film scoring at the college level), working on music for games,
independent films, commercials, industrials, liturgical music, playing
Theremin downtown for pocket change, etc.  


I'm sure I'll continue to see many of you at conferences, etc.  I'll be
at GDC next week.  And I'll continue to take part in this site as well. 


I can be reached at david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  And wish me luck! 


Best wishes,

David Yackley


I'm living dangerously - no Microsoft disclaimer here!  What, are they
gonna fire me? :-)


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