• From: Abhijit Patait <abhijit_patait@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: DirectMusic <directmusic@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 20:06:10 -0800 (PST)

Happy new year to all!
I am getting the error code DSERR_OBJECTNOTFOUND on calling the API 
IDirectMusicSegmentState8::GetSegment(...). I am unable to find why. This error 
occurs in my notification-handling thread (I have adapted it from the Todor 
Fay's DirectMusic book). Relevant excerpts of the code follow:
// Notification-hanlding thread function
 while (pMainFrame->m_bNotifyThreadRunning)
  DWORD dw = WaitForSingleObject(pMainFrame->m_hNotify, INFINITE);
  while ((pPerformance->GetNotificationPMsg(&pPmsg) == S_OK))
   // TRACE(_T("Retrieved a notification\n"));
   if (pPmsg->dwType == DMUS_PMSGT_NOTIFICATION)
    // TRACE(_T("Processing notification...\n"));
    if ((pPmsg->punkUser) && (pPmsg->guidNotificationType == 
     IDirectMusicSegmentState8* pSegmentState   = NULL;
     IDirectMusicSegment*       pNotifySegment   = NULL;
     IDirectMusicSegment8*      pNotifySegment8  = NULL;
     CSMAudioTrack *pSMAudioTrack = NULL;
     // TRACE(_T("Notification type = GUID_NOTIFICATION_SEGMENT\n"));
     // The pPMsg->punkUser contains a IDirectMusicSegmentState8, 
     // which we can query for the segment that the SegmentState refers to.
     if( FAILED( hr = pPmsg->punkUser->QueryInterface( 
                   (VOID**) &pSegmentState ) ) )
      // An error occured
      goto _cleanup;
     if( FAILED( hr = pSegmentState->GetSegment( &pNotifySegment ) ) )
#ifdef _DEBUG
      DXTRACE_ERR_MSGBOX( TEXT("GetSegment"), hr ); // This is where the error 
      // An error occured
      goto _cleanup;
     if( FAILED( hr = pNotifySegment->QueryInterface( IID_IDirectMusicSegment8,
                  (VOID**) &pNotifySegment8 ) ) )
      // An error occured
      goto _cleanup;
     // TRACE(_T("Trying to match segment...\n"));
     // pSegment is a pointer to the primary segment - We are trying to
     // catch notifications only for the primary segment
     if ((pNotifySegment8 == pSegment) && (pNotifySegment8 != NULL))
      // TRACE(_T("Found segment match...\n"));
      if (pPmsg->dwNotificationOption == DMUS_NOTIFICATION_SEGLOOP)
       // Do something with SEGLOOP notification
      else if (pPmsg->dwNotificationOption == DMUS_NOTIFICATION_SEGEND)
       // Do something with SEGEND notification
     // Cleanup
     SAFE_RELEASE( pSegmentState );
     SAFE_RELEASE( pNotifySegment );
     SAFE_RELEASE( pNotifySegment8 );
   // Done with the notification
   pPerformance->FreePMsg((DMUS_PMSG *) pPmsg);
The lines where the problem occurs are shown in bold red font above. Note that 
the problem happens only occasionally. I had a hunch that this could be related 
to the notification-handling thread starting before actual start of playback, 
but if that was the case, there should not have been any notifications, and the 
second while loop should not have been entered.
One of the bad consequences of the above error is that the program never 
receive the SEGEND notification on the playing segment, and hence I never know 
when the playback stopped (to stop the cursor movement in my application).
There is no documentation on the error code DSERR_OBJECTNOTFOUND in MSDN and/or 
the Internet. Furthermore, I don't know why the GetSegment(...) function would 
throw a DirectSound-related error (DSERR_OBJECTNOTFOUND).
Can someone please help?
Thank you

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