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  • Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 13:24:26 EST

I am writing to express my disappointment and dismay that Sibelius Speaking 
will not be upgraded for use with Sibelius 4. While the solution suggested by 
others on this list, namely switching back to Sibelius 3, may be feasible, it 
is unacceptable in my view. For one thing, I have never upgraded to Sibelius 3 
and I no longer have access to Sibelius Speaking 1.3 and Sibelius 2, having 
mistakenly deleted the setup program for SS 1.3 from my old computer, not 
anticipating the need to transfer it to a new computer.
Although I appreciate the hard work and creativity of David Pinto and others 
in developing Sibelius Speaking, I have often thought that the ultimate 
solution would be to develop an application that would evaluate mainstream 
to determine its accessibility for visually impaired users, then automatically 
make the necessary adaptations. In the meantime, one possible solution might 
be for one developer to devote work to writing JAWS scripts for one 
application and its upgrades. For example, one person can be responsible only 
Sibelius Speaking and another could be responsible for Cake Talking. Or perhaps 
development of all JAWS scripts could be a collaboration of several 
programmers. In either case, I strongly feel that visually impaired computer 
deserve the same timely access to mainstream software as sighted users, and I 
Mr. McCann, Mr. Pinto and others concerned with the development of Dancing 
Dots products to carefully and seriously consider the suggestions that I and 
others have made in order to prevent this sort of situation from arising again.

Jeanine Mooers

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