[ddots-l] Looking for a more comprehensive mailing list

  • From: David <dheilman1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ddots-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 06:55:30 -0700

                        Hello to the List,

I first came to this Dancing Dots list in quest of finding what others of you use for Drums. I already had Groove Agent, but could not get it to work. Thanks to a very patient and generous member of this Dots list, I am glad to say I can now use Groove Agent to create Drum patterns and can lay down some drum tracks. However, I still have a lot to go, but am Thrilled to be once again going forward with my music.

Since this list is sponsored by Dancing Dots, I am assuming that the list owners would like most of the content of this list to deal with Dancing dots products.

I've noticed the list does stray into questions and answers for other music related topics than Dancing Dot Scripts.

If the folks at Dancing Dots don't mind this, then Great, I won't feel guilty for posting non-script related messages. .

But in case the people at D D, do mind, I do have questions about other music related topics, equipment, recording tricks, methods, Styles, and accidental discoveries that I should really post somewhere other than here.

I know of the Midi-mag list, but I am a Guitar player and use midi very rarely. So I'm not sure if I would fit on that list either.

What I am looking for is a list, where mostly Blind musicians are members. Any music related topic is fine. So if a guitar player asks a question about a chord progression, or about Miking their guitar for recording, or a Keyboard player wants to know how Blind Friendly some new equipment might be, they are welcome to post those questions.

The list I am looking for is not for guitar or keyboard players only, but for any visually impaired musician with any questions dealing with anything musical.

<Chuckle>  Does such a list exist?  If so, where do I sign up for it?
Thanks for any help with this.

David Heilman

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