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BlankTTs, and of cores the great thing which is the sition drummer,
with some spotting, its working ok with us.

And sorry, what is 
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  Can someone please tell me if there are any cool soft synths that come with 
Sonar 6? The Psym2 came with Sonar and I like it for the leads and the basses. 
The Cakewalk TTS came with Sonar 4 and that's a real cool General midi soft 
synth. The Edoral came with Sonar 3. So, what's coming  with Sonar 6? 

  Also Bill said that CT6 will support Dimension Pro. Did someone say that 
there would be documentation telling us how to get around in the parameters? 
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    Subject: [ddots-l] Fw: [midi-mag] Sonar 6.2.1 update is released!

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