[dbsec] Call for participation: First IEEE Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud (SPC 2015)

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Dear all,

please consider participating at SPC 2015.



First IEEE Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud (SPC 2015)
Florence, Italy - September 30, 2015

** Register by August 31, 2015 to enjoy the early bird discount! **
** Special discount for combined registration (conference+workshop) **

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and
practitioners who are interested in discussing the security, privacy,
and data protection issues emerging in cloud scenarios, and possible
solutions to them.
IEEE SPC 2015 will be held in Florence, Italy, in conjunction with the
IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS 2015).

The workshop will be a 1-day event, featuring technical presentations
of 9 full papers and 8 short papers.

Registration information is available at:
Early registration fees apply until August 31, 2015.
Special discount for combined registration (conference + workshop).

(in alphabetical order of title)

Full Papers

- A Firewall Algebra for OpenStack
(Simon Foley; Ultan Neville)

- All Your Cluster-Grids Are Belong to Us: Monitoring the (in)Security
of Infrastructure Monitoring Systems
(Andrei Costin)

- An Integrated Method for Compliance and Risk Assessment:
Experiences from a Case Study
(Samson Esayas; Tobias Mahler; Fredrik Seehusen;
Frode Bjornstad; Veda Brubakk)

- Privacy Preserving Cloud Computing through Piecewise Approximation of
Multivariate Functions
(Riccardo Lazzeretti; Tommaso Pignata)

- Efficient and Scalable Aggregate Signcryption Scheme Based on
Multi-trapdoor Hash Functions
(Santosh Chandrasekhar; Mukesh Singhal)

- Highly Scalable Verifiable Encrypted Search
(Rosario Gennaro; Emmanuel Ekwedike; Whitney Drazen)

- Privacy-Preserving Distributed Statistical Computation to a
Semi-Honest Multi-Cloud
(Aida Calvino; Sara Ricci; Josep Domingo-Ferrer)

- Publicly Verifiable Conjunctive Keyword Search in Outsourced Databases

(Monir Azraoui; Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui; Melek Onen; Refik Molva)

- Securing the Infrastructure and the Workloads of Linux Containers
(Massimiliano Mattetti; Alexandra Shulman-Peleg; Yair Allouche;
Antonio Corradi; Shlomi Dolev; Luca Foschini)

Short Papers

- A Traceable Hierachical Attribute-based Authentication Solution
for the Cloud
(Huihui Yang; Vladimir Oleshchuk)

- Identity as a Service: A Cloud Based Common Capability
(Gery Ducatel)

- Identity Management in IoT Clouds: a FIWARE Case of Study
(Luciano Barreto; Antonio Celesti; Maria Fazio; Massimo Villari;
Antonio Puliafito)

- Integer Arithmetic over Ciphertext and Homomorphic Data Aggregation
(Yao Chen; Guang Gong)

- Pulga, a Tiny Open-Source MQTT Broker for Flexible and Secure
IoT Deployments
(Jose Luis Espinosa-Aranda; Noelia Vallez; Carlos Sanchez-Bueno;
Daniel Aguado-Araujo; Gloria Bueno; Oscar Deniz)

- Secure Cloud Storage: a Framework for Data Protection as a
Service in the Multi-cloud Environment
(Quang Hieu Vu; Maurizio Colombo; Rasool Asal; Ali Sajjad;
Fadi El-moussa; Theo Dimitrakos)

- Self-Protecting Multi-Cloud Applications
(Antonio M. Ortiz Torres; Erkuden Rios; Wissam Mallouli;
Eider Iturbe; Edgardo Montes de Oca)

- Windowing Technique for Lazy Sorting of Encrypted Data
(Ayantika Chatterjee; Indranil Sen Gupta)

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