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  • From: BRUNOSETUP@xxxxxxx
  • To: databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 16:19:43 EST

Hi , my name is Bruno , i'm french (scuse me) and webmaster , adress of my 
site :
<A HREF="http://bbrunoo.free.fr/musique/index.html";>Active Sunn</A> . I speak 
a little in english . I want to talk about the new version of databaseaudio , 
i'm happy , you keep the archives , i see the site like a  leaving museum 
without selection , it's a good way i think and i respect it . I think that 
the new version is better ,  per aps you could align the text under the 
graphics , but it's just an idea , the grey background at left and right ,  
is per aps too dark , a little .
My site is full of defaults , but if my critics help you ...

You make a good work , your site is useful , archives is also useful  ...
Good continuation , Bruno
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