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  • From: "Databaseaudio" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 08:57:37 +0100


Just a quick note to say hello to everybody who has joined the Databaseaudio
Mailing List recently. Numbers are growing daily, which is nice, now people
have to get talking!!

Anyhow, my name is Mark, and i set up Databaseaudio because i felt there was
a need for a well-maintained, focused audio freeware directory. And people
seem to like it! I'm currently developing the next version of the site,
which is a total rebuild from scratch with many more features. I'll keep you
informed here of the progress of the build and will probably be asking
peoples opinions as things crop up.

Databaseaudio is just a hobby that i fit in when i can. During the day i
work as a web developer, building sites for corporate types, and when i get
the chance i write my own music.

That's a quick me, now come on, don't be shy!!! Feel free to talk about
anything (as long as it's got at least a vague audio reference in there
somewhere!! :))

I hope this list will become an interesting + useful audio community, the
databaseaudio 'forum' will be disappearing in the next build, and hopefully
community aspect of the site will grow here...

Speak up now, don't be shy!!


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