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VizNET 2007 Workshop

Intersections in Visualization Practices and Techniques

17-19 April Leicestershire, UK

This workshop aims to establish an international medium for the

exchange of new ideas and practical experience between researchers

working in the field of visualization from scientific and engineering

applications to the arts and humanities.

Who should attend?

?       Arts and Humanities researchers, performers and artists, expert in

one or more areas of visualization, who would like an introduction to,

and overview of, other areas of visualization, including the latest

research results, ideas and applications.

?       Arts and Humanities researchers, performers and artists new to

visualization who would like an introduction to, and overview of, the

latest visualization practices and techniques.

Format of workshop:

17 April: Half day introduction to what is visualization, what it can

do, how it has been used in the past, how it is currently used in

Scientific/Engineering and Arts/Humanities domains, followed by demos

on stereoscopic and grid-based visualization and a workshop dinner.

18 April: Full day workshop with nine sessions providing introductions

to, and overviews of ?  Information Visualization v. Mathematical


?       Data Acquisition

?       3D Modelling

?       Display Technologies

?       Open Source Software v. Proprietary Software

?       Games Platforms and MMORPGS

?       Web-based "portal delivery" visualization

?       Grid-based visualization

?       Documentation

To be followed by a plenary discussion looking for intersections

between Scientific/Engineering and Arts/Humanities Visualization and a

workshop dinner. An excellent opportunity to network after gaining an

overview of what is available and who is working in which areas.

19 April: Full day of expert seminars in specialist areas.

Will there be follow-up activities?

VizNET 2007 is hosted by VizNET, the UK Visualization Support Network,

and 3DVisA, the 3D Visualisation in the Arts Network. Your input will

assist us to determine which communities of practice and which areas of

visualization could benefit from dedicated courses. It will also assist

us to identify emerging intersections in visualization practices and

techniques within which aditional network support could facilitate

cross-domain collaboration.

How much will it cost?

Registration is free of charge, but essential as places are strictly

limited. Participants must register online at

http://www.viznet.ac.uk/viznet2007/ to reserve a place at the workshop.

There are three registration schemes: Day 1 and Day 2, Day 3 only, and

all three days.

Participants are asked to pay their own travel and accommodation costs.

Two levels of hotel accommodation are offered on the workshop website.

Participants can elect to find their own accommodation, for example a

B&B in Loughborough, but still need to register online to reserve a

place at the workshop.

Further information:

VizNET 2007 website: http://www.viznet.ac.uk/viznet2007/

or email Dr. Julie Tolmie: julie.tolmie@xxxxxxxxx

Dr. Nijad Al-Najdawi n.al-najdawi@xxxxxxxxxxx


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