[dance-tech] "Two Thousand + SIX" - symposium on performance and technology

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 22:52:25 +0000

<x-tad-smaller>Very sorry for multiple postings!

I am happy to announce the final line-up for </x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>"Two Thousand + SIX"</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller> - a one-day symposium on performance and technology at the</x-tad-smaller> <x-tad-smaller>Sonic Arts Research Centre</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller> (SARC) </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>in Belfast.</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>Date: </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>29th of April 2006.</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>Venue: </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>SARC/Belfast, Multimedia Suite</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>Schedule</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>: </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/pages/2006

<x-tad-smaller>You can </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>register</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller> on the day: £30 (£15) includes free access to all the events/concerts that day.</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>The late evening concerts will feature Anthony Braxton (who will also be giving a talk during the day).
<x-tad-smaller>The symposium runs during the 2006 edition of the</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller> SonoritiesFestival </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>of Contemporary Music: </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/~sonorities</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>Please check sites for further information.
<x-tad-smaller>With a line-up such as Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Anthony Braxton, Gareth Davis, Stephen Östersjö, Elisabeth Smalt, Bob Gilmore, Carlos Zingaro, Adriana Sá, Rafael Toral, Telectu, Richard Barrett, Paul Obermeyer, Atau Tanaka, Eric Lyon, The Ulster Orchestra amongst many others, Sonorities 2006 promises to be one of the more exciting events of this year's contemporary music scene!

Hope to see you all there.</x-tad-smaller>


f r a n z i s k a s c h r o e d e r
Initiatrice of "Two Thousand + SIX"


Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music

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