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No Booking Required

Programmed and Organised by the Goldsmiths Digital Studios.
Supported by the Goldsmiths Graduate School and the Department of Computing.
Ass. Prof. Manthos Santorineos will be visiting fellow to Goldsmiths Digital 
Studios between 18-25 February 2009. *

Santorineos has been active in promoting art and technology, having established 
the Department of Art and Technology at the Ileana Tounda Centre of 
Contemporary Art, Eikona Centre for Audiovisual Research and Applications, 
Fournos Centre for Digital Culture and Medi@terra International Festival of Art 
and Technology (in Athens, Greece). He now runs the Multimedia Lab of the 
Athens School of Fine Arts, where he is responsible for the 
multimedia/hypermedia studio in the graduate course and hybrid forms of art in 
the postgraduate course in digital arts.

*He will be giving a talk on Monday 23rd February in BP seminar rooms between 

21st Century: End of Illusion, Birth of the Fake Image, and the Replacement of 
Light with Memory*

Digital representation (the encoding of any natural phenomenon in the form
of numbers) creates for the first time a breach in the continuous
development of civilization. This breach appears at all the possible
levels of interaction between man and image: in the methods of production,
communication and perception. The main feature of this breach is the
substitution of light with memory. An image from a work of 'virtual
representation' does not represents the momentary reflection of light on a
photosensitive surface nor the transfer of such an impression; instead, it
contains a complex thought-process ready to offer new information to the
'spectator' who acts upon it. This interaction creates a new type of
'spectator' who learns to communicate with the image via constantly
evolving information and not through the lure of illusion. It is the
interaction achieved through the 'memory' of the image, and not the image
itself, which has the central role. If the 20th century, due to the great
discoveries of photography, film and television, is characterised as 'the
century of the image', then the 21st century --the century of computers,
the internet and mobile phones- will be characterised as 'the century of

Web site: www.medialab.asfa.gr/santorineos/en/


*1. **Arthur Elsenaar: Fundamentals of the Computer-controlled Human Face as a 
Medium for Kinetic Art.*
5 March 2000*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building Time: 18:00 - 20:00 Controlling the human face by a computer instead of the brain can make the face perform in unexpected and often surprising ways.

*2. Derek Holzer: TONEWHEELS: Experiments in Opto-Electronic Synthesis and 
Graphical Sound
*19 March 2009*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Time: 18:00 - 20:00

TONEWHEELS is an experiment in converting graphical imagery to sound, inspired by some of the pioneering 20th Century electronic music instruments such as the Variophone [Evgeny Scholpo (USSR) 1930], the Welte Light-Tone Organ [Edwin Emil Welte (DE) 1936], the ANS Synthesizer [Evgeny Murzin (USSR) 1958], and the Oramics system [Daphne Oram (UK) 1959].

*3. Rachel Armstrong: Bio Feminism: Move Over Darwin
   Respondent: Joanna Zylinska

26 March 2009*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Bio Feminist science promotes the treacherous biology of the cyborg challenging 
notions of aliveness, performing every transgressive act possible within 
autopoietic systems at a molecular level and redefining our view of evolution.

For more information check: http://www.thethursdayclub.net

To find Goldsmiths check http://www.goldsmiths.ac.uk/find-us/

Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] PhD Art and Computational Technologies Goldsmiths Digital Studios skype: mariax_gr www.cybertheater.org

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