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dear all

Please join us next Wednesday for our next special event, featuring two
distinguished visting artists:

28 October 2015, 4 PM - 6:00 PM
Drama Studio, Gaskell Building 048, Brunel University London, Cleveland Rd.

Olu Taiwo (University of Winchester): ““Expanded Politics of Street Performance”

Jaime del Val (Madrid) – “Metabody: embodied media and the wars of
indeterminacy and control"


Olu Taiwo, Senior lecturer at the University of Winchester, teaches in Street
Arts, Visual Development, Dance and Performing Arts in a combination of real
and digital formats. He has a background in Fine Art, Street Dance, African
percussion, physical theatre and the martial arts including Tai Chi Chuan and
Animal spirit movement. He has performed in national and international contexts
pioneering concepts surrounding practice as research. This includes how
practice as a research strategy can explore the nature of performance and the
relationships between "effort", "performance" and "performative actions" as
they occur in different arenas. Consequently, his aim is through the use of
practice, to propagate 21st century issues concerning the interaction between
the body, identity, audience, street and technology in an age of Globalisation.
He is well published and interests include: Practice as Research, Visual
design, Movement, Theatre, Street Arts, New technology, Trans-cultural studies,
Geometry, Philosophy and Religious studies. In his presentation he addresses
the performance politics & educational dimensions of his effort to help develop
a trans-European Federation of Education and Training in Street Arts.

Jaime del Val presents his performance work and addresses the question how in
the Big Data Era a new ontological threshold is crossed in the longstanding
tradition of perceptual colonisations through reduction of movement to
patterns. While disciplinary society was about repetition of totalising
patterns, cybernetic and postcybernetic control is about prediction,
anticipation and constant modulation of movement patterns. In this framework
the Metabody EU project seeks to redefine the body as movement and embodied
media as embracing the creative force of indeterminacy. Jaime del Val is
meta-media artist, metaformer, metahumanist philosopher and activist, director
of Reverso Institute of Metahuman Technologies (www.reverso.org) and
coordinator of the METABODY Project (www.metabody.eu). Jaime del Val develops
transdisciplinary projects in the convergence of arts, technologies, critical
theory and activism, proposing redefinitions of embodiment, perception and
affects that challenge the ontological foundations of contemporary control
society as well as challenging traditional conception of the human, of binary
gender-sex conceptions and of perceptual colonialism

* * *

ALL WELCOME / contact: +44 (0)1895 267 343

Performance Research Seminar Coordinator: Johannes.Birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Dept. of Arts & Humanities

Precarity and the Politics of Art: Performative and Critical Empowerment after

This Research Series aims to probe troubling interpretations of the increasing
unrestrainment of capital, and its impact on all social-economic, cultural,
creative, and educational sectors in the developed world; the sustainability of
democracy is an urgent emerging research theme for those of us in the
performing arts/creative field becoming intensely aware of the multiplication
of realities (virtualization; networked infrastructures) and the growing
depoliticization of culture and art. The main objective of the Series is to
articulate various perspectives on politics and performance (within the context
of precarization, the current refugee crisis, and the operations of unknowable
information technologies).

Forthcoming Events: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/dap/ResearchSeminarSeries.html

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