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The First International Meeting INTERFACE Body and New technologies, invites to 
all the national artists and general public to participate in the conferences, 
workshops, projections and performances from the September 30th to October 4th 
in the Extension Center of the Library of Santiago. Santiago of Chile.


Is the first international encounter of performance, dances and technology in 
Chile, through as an interdisciplinary space is opened that it tries to 
introduce the use and reflection of the new technologies in the artistic 
practices bound to the body.


The public activities programmed within the framework of the encounter begin in 
Tuesday 30 of September at 19:00 hrs. with the Performance "Microdanzas" of 
Reverso Project headed by the Spanish artist Jaime del Val and Olinto Rubio, 
that in his proposal they handle interesting and innovating 
interactive-performance cradle in the use of wireless vigilance microcameras on 
the body, the analysis of the movement and the processing of the voice and the 
image for the creation of an audio-visual landscape - corporal from the 
interaction with the spectator and the programming in Max/ Msp/ Jitter. The 
second performance of Reverso Project will be carried out the Thursday 2 of 
October at 19:30 hrs.


Following with the Performances, in Friday 3 of October at 19: 00 hrs. 
Argentina and Chile will share scene, presenting to the Argentine artist 
Alejandra Ceriani and the national artist Brisa MP. From Argentina one will 
appear the Performance "Hoseo", propose that looks compromise several levels of 
modality of sensorial attention on the part of performer and the spectators. 
The resultant of the behavior articulate of the body will be caught by a camera 
placed to a mini distance of performer. That digitized information enters the 
computer like electronic signals connecting by virtual port the programmings of 
software Eyes Web (image) and software MaxMsp (sound). On the other hand, that 
same day the Chilean artist will present/display "Work exercises SCL 08", is 
one second instance of demonstration of a begun process of investigation the 
year last in Lisbon over the interactive design in real time in the platform of 
programming Max/ Msp/Jitter in which the artist tries to combine the strategies 
aesthetic-techniques in which she has worked the last six years that mix 
choreography, sound and video, having been able to now control all these 
devices from his own body producing discontinuous and fragmentary readings.


The cycle of conferences begins Thursday 2 of October at 18:30 hrs. Instance 
that sets out like space of theoretical reflection and interlocution of 
different problematic contemporaries and proposals related to the body and the 
new technologies.


In that context the Argentine artist Alejandra Ceriani exposes “El 
descentramiento: cuerpo-danza-interactividad (the decentralize: 
body-dance-interactivity"). It will investigate in the territory of the 
interactivity and the use of the new technologies applied to the corporal, 
composition and scenic practices.


Saturday October 4th at 15:00 hrs. The Reverso Project headed by Jaime del Val, 
presents his conference CUERPOS FRONTERA, Estéticas y Políticas en el 
post-postmodernismo (BODIES BORDER, Aesthetic and Political in the 
post-postmodernism). The Spanish artist will raise a critical vision of the 
technology, the aesthetic one and the artistic practices, in the sense that all 
technology, all image, or music or gesture, all artistic work has contexts and 
political consequences, it is effect and it reproduces certain regimes of power 
that give form to our subjectivity, the corporality and the identity in terms 
of sort, sexuality, class, race, age, health or corporal forms, to the time 
that has the potential to destabilize the own regime in which it takes form.


Later at 16:00 hrs. ends the activities in this encounter the Chilean Margarita 
Shultz, with its conference “Fronteras de lo Humano e interfaces en la Danza: 
La mediación digital” (Border of the Human and interfaces in the Dance: The 
digital mediation), in which it will raise diverse questions about the 
contemporary slight knowledge of corporality, like which it today diversifies 
to the interface human-machines in the corporality, like a way to open the body 
in its connection with the machines.


Wednesday October 2th from the 19:30 hrs.  will exhibit in the main square of 
the Library of Santiago, diverse projections of audio-visual registries and 
videodance of national and international artists about the application of 
technology and medias.


In another front, during all the week of activities workshops will be 
developed, activity designed exclusively for artists and national students who 
were selected after applying to our call.


One is workshops of qualification mainly focused to introduce and to motivate 
to the artists of diverse disciplines in the application and reflection of the 
new technologies, with the purpose of producing interdisciplinary interchanges 
and implementing such tools in its future creations.


In the first place the Chilean artist Christian Oyarzún, will dictate workshops 
Introduction to Processing. Platform of programming through will be developed 
as basic principles of interaction and detection of movement (body) by media of 
optical devices through exercises in integration of interphases to the basic 
body-machine with visual and sonorous applications.


On the other hand the Taller Internacional de las Tecnologías del Cuerpo. 
Aproximaciones críticas al cuerpo, el arte y la tecnología (International 
Workshop of the Technologies critics to the body, the art and the technology) 
will be dictated. Made by Jaime del Val. The workshop will contextualized the 
artistic practices and the technologies in a ampler critical narration, 
examining the paper that the digital technologies have in our formation like 
subjects in the contemporary societies and the way in which from the artistic 
practice radical alternatives to these technologies can be formulated, that 
operate to the service of industries and induce a global standardization of the 
bodies and the identities. 


Finally, the workshops Introducción al Videodanza (workshops of Introduction to 
the Videodance), will be dictated by Brisa MP, that raises a practical 
theoretical workshop and of work visualization that will deal with the 
historical and aesthetic aspects the format. It will make a series of practical 
exercises in the relation camera-body-dancer and will finalize treating the 
basic strategies about edition of video for videodance like digital 


All the activities programmed within the framework of this encounter are free 
and they will be made in the Center of Extension of the Library of Santiago 
located in Av. Matucana 151, Quinta Normal Metro Station. For more information 


INTERFACE Cuerpo y Nuevas Tecnologías (INTERFACE Body and New Technologies) is 
a project of Caída Libre, under the direction of the Chilean artist Brisa MP, 
the executive production of Mylai Gianelli, the production of Andrea Muñoz 
Cárcamo, the assistance of Leonardo Gamboa and the design of Ursula Amaro.  
With the sponsorship of the Library of Santiago and the auspice of FONDART 
2008, Cultural Development.


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