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Please see below for a very recent book on the 'body and performance' by 
Triarchy Press.

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Body and Performance edited by Dr. Sandra Reeve brings together a wide range of 
contemporary approaches to the body that are already being used by performers 
or in the context of performance training.

The 12 lenses share the notion of ‘body as flux’, of ‘no fixed or determined 
sense of self’. Each one uses a case study to support the performer as a 
skilful creative entity, emphasising the intelligence of the body at work.

Students, dancers, performers, singers, musicians, directors and choreographers 
can locate their own preferred approach(es) to the body-in-performance here.

The book will also encourage research and signpost alternative approaches.

Available now from:


Source practices, practitioners and theories for these lenses include:

Alexander Technique ~ Authentic Movement ~ Body-Mind Centering ~Erin Manning ~ 
Moshe Feldenkrais ~ Kudiyattam ~ Rudolf Laban ~ Joan Davis ~ Corporeal Feminism 
~ Object Relations ~ Jane Bennett ~ Edward S. Casey~ Sandra Reeve ~ Gilles 
Deleuze ~ Trisha Bauman ~ Anne Cooper Albright~ Katy Dymoke ~ Linda Hartley ~ 
Deborah Hay ~ Helen Poynor ~ Doreen Massey ~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty ~ Vivian 
Sobchack ~ Antonio Damasio ~ Patricia Bardi

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