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dear all

a new book has been published, and perhaps is of interest to you; it includes a
number of authors you will know.

<Digital Movement: Essays in Motion Technology and Performance>
edited by Nicolas Salazar Sutil, Sita Popat, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan,


Digital Movement addresses the evolving ways in which movement and its
technological mediation can inform creative thinking and embodied practices. In
order to identify unique cross-disciplinary links within human movement
research this book brings together experts from a number of creative
disciplines including dance, theatre, sculpture, as well as computer and
mathematical art, whilst offering an integration of scholarly perspectives from
cultural, media and performance studies. Drawing also on historical and
contemporary perspectives, the book argues that technology has become central
to the way we understand and utilize movement material across a number of
industries. Computer tools afford, amongst other things, customized ways to
capture, sample, notate, animate, choreograph, visualize and sculpt movement.
More importantly, computers also transform how we think about motion, or
rather, how we think in motion—inviting us to do so collaboratively and
holistically. Digital Movement shows that the technologization of human
movement is a phenomenon that has the potential to have both enhancing and
disturbing effects on our lives. This is an important study for all scholars
and upper-level students of contemporary movement practice and performance.


johannes birringer

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