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dear all

on Monday we launch the first annual ARTAUD FORUM here at Brunel University in 
London, with a series of performance/film/music events that are mixed into 
physical workshops, round tables and addresses on Artaud, theatre and 
contemporary japanese and western dance in overlapping art and cultural 
contexts... it promises to be an intimate and exciting event;  we are saddened 
that it is overshadowed by the tsunami catastrophe in Japan. 

I hope to welcome some of you at this event, and if you wish to partake in, and 
support, the transcultural research initiative, you can also join us online on 
dance tech TVlive   (http://www.dance-tech.net/profiles/blogs/dancetechtvlive-1)

our artaud website will very soon also present information about the 
participants, the discussions, workshops and artworks.

Johannes Birringer



Peter Sempel 
Film exhibition
“Just Visiting this Planet” (tribute to Kazuo Ohno)

Tuesday April 5, 18:oo 
Daiwa Foundation JAPAN House                                                    
13-14 Cornwall Terrace 
London NW1 4QP 
Free, call for reservation
(01895 267823)

This film is also shown Monday night at Artaud Forum, 21:oo.
For free ticket reservation, contact:  artaud@xxxxxxxxxxxx or call 01895 267823 

Brunel University’s School of Arts, in cooperation with Goethe-Institut London 
and DAIWA Foundation Japan House, is proud to present the UK premiere of “Just 
Visiting this Planet,” Peter Sempel’s masterful poetic film tribute to the late 
Kazuo Ohno, one of the founders and masters of Japanese butoh dance. 

The film was first released in 1991 and shown all over the world, including 
Int. Filmfestival Berlin, Filmfestival São Paulo, Anthology Film Archives New 
York, Fantasia Filmfestival Madrid, Cinematèque Tel Aviv, Festival Int. Nouveau 
Cinema Montréal, Hall Walls Buffalo, Rockefeller Music Hall Oslo, Festival Int. 
du Film d’Art Paris, Int. Filmfestival Helsinki, Museo Nacionale Brasilia, 
Festival Monumental Lisboa, Int. Tanzfilmtage Dresden, Ex+Pop Berlin, etc.   Mr 
Sempel is based in Hamburg, Germany. 


“I’m Here” 
Katsura Isobe
with Manabu Shimada (music)
Monday  April 4, 20.30 
Artaud Performance Centre
Brunel University
West London UK8 3PH
Call for reservation (01895 267823)

I’M HERE is a collaborative work by Katsura Isobe, dance artist, and  Manabu 
Shimada, sound artist. Both of them have grown up in Japan and now live in 
London. Having been living in UK for many years, a flight  for twelve hours may 
take their physical body back in Japan but their mind takes three days to catch 
up the body. I'M HERE explores and expresses a gap between one's actual 
physical existence and one's  imagined existence in mind. The body and the mind 
can exist in different spaces.

Katsura Isobe is an independent dance artist who holds a BA Dance and Dance 
Education at Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan, and an MA  Scenography 
[Dance] at Laban Centre London. Her  current interest is one's physical and 
psychological states in a particular  environment. Her practice involves 
improvisation and collaboration with artists in another art disciplines. Her 
collaboration experience includes DAP Lab with Johannes Birringer and Michele 
Danjoux  (interactive design/physical theatre), Carol Brown (site-specific  
performance, interactive installation), Caroline Collinge (costume design), 
Clod Ensemble (interdisciplinary theatre), Thomas Kampe (Feldenkrais® Method 
and improvisation), Ute Kanngiesser (cello),  Stephanie Schober (contemporary 
dance), Paul Verity Smith (sensor  interaction), Fulvio Rubesa (Photography), 
and Jairo Zaldua and Nicola  Green (printmaking). 
Manabu Shimada is a sonic artist based on Tokyo/London. He designs sound art 
and minimal music influenced by natural phenomenon as audio-visual environment


Tuesday April 5
11:oo  AA Studio 001
“Cell Dislocation”  (Biyo Kikuchi)

Biyo Kikuchi is a dancer/choreographer who studied Butoh with Yoshito and Kazuo 
Ohno. Additionally, she learned many forms of expression with the body, 
exploring gesture, action, movement and body expression in varying spaces, 
contexts and situations. Solo works include: “Pan-barabara”,“New Moon”, “End of 
the Day”, “Form for the future”. She has organized her own group and produces 
her work, as well as collaborating with Kim Itoh, Natsu Nakajima, Kazuo and 
Yoshito Ohono. At Min Tanaka’s Dance Hakushu Festival she performed solo dance 
showcase for three years.  She also collaborates with artists and musicians on 
improvisational performance, working with communities and holding workshops of 
body work and improvisation. 

Monday April l 4, opening
19:30 Artaud Performance Centre 003
“Invisible Butoh”
Karolina Bieszczad-Roley

Karolina is a researcher and a photographer with a primary interest in 
performance photography. She did her MA in Theatre Studies in Poland and PhD in 
Performance Studies in London. She started photographing Japanese Butoh dance 
in 2001 and she has continued to follow footsteps of various performance 
artists around the world ever since. Her independent photography projects take 
performances out of theatre buildings and place them in new and challenging 
surroundings, such as National Gallery in London, Westminster underground 
station in London or Shipyard in Gdansk where Solidarity was born. 
Karolina perceives photographing as an interpersonal communication mediated by 
a camera, a close collaboration between a photographer and a photographed 
subject. The experience of photographing is for her equally important as the 
images obtained, which creates a unique approach to photography.

Video Installation

Damien Serban & Yann Bertrand (France)
Monday  April 4, 19.30 
Artaud Performance Centre 101
Brunel University
West London UK8 3PH
Call for reservation (01895 267823)

The film Chrysalide (2005) transcribes, through three chapters, different 
states of the Japanese dance, Butô. Mixing 3D animation and film, the work 
contrasts this carnal, visceral dance with the coldness of 3D and its 
architectures and polygons. In between organic and digital textures. This film 
is also part of an installation conceived in parallel with Michel Lauricella's 
sculptures and drawings as well as Dorothea Nold's photographs.
Co-directed by Damien Serban and Yann Bertrand; music by : Benjamin Holst; 
animation by : Hicham Bouhennana. With : Jean-Louis Le Cabellec

Damien Serban lives in Paris, France; he graduated, with honors, from the 
Applied Arts Superior Institute in Paris 2003; he directed during his studies 
three short films. Epines and Le Cosmos dans une Assiette de Pâtes, (with Yann 
Bertrand) and Chut....  With his first independent project, Chrysalide (2005. 
with Yann Bertrand), he began to focus on 3D imagery that shows the polygons 
and architectures usually hidden, as well as the errors created by a software 
pushed to its limits. This film on butoh is distributed by Autour de Minuit, 
and was shown at numerous international festivals and exhibitions both as a 
three part film and as a video installation. From 2006 to 2007 Damien directed 
abstract films focusing on morphing and compression errors, searching the 
border between what humans can't grasp and what is no longer controlled by the 


These events are part of
The World from within and without
(in memoriam of Kazuo Ohno)

Monday and Tuesday, 4-5 April 2011
Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University, West London, UK

This performance laboratory initiates a series of annually held events at 
Brunel University’s Artaud Performance Centre:  Bringing together an invited 
group of international theatre and dance artists, filmmakers, photographers, 
art theorists and researchers engaged in creative practices that reflect on 
major innovative performance traditions of the past century and their impact on 
current performance knowledge and physical / physical-digital) techniques.  The 
first instalment of the ARTAUD FORUM is dedicated to the memory of Kazuo Ohno 
and the complex convergences/differences between Japanese and Western 
performative methods.

Co-ordinated by Johannes Birringer  (artistic director, DAP-Lab), 
with Hironobu Oikawa (director, Maison Artaud, Tokyo)

This event is programmed by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance 
and supported by the Brunel University Graduate School, the Goethe-Institut 
London, and DAIWA Foundation

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