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The Daily Sedative Update (5/16/01)

New Top Stories
--> Drug Dealers Annual Summit Kicks Off
--> Larry Wall Scores GNUbeat Cover

General Announcements:
--This is our first official message!
--I have some finals coming up, so there may not be as much new content this 
week (or not, I\'m writing this, aren\'t I?).
--There will be some downtime between May 23 and 25. This is because I am 
moving, and the server cannot communicate to the internet while it is in my 
car. Hopefully I will be able to redirect the domain name to another host 
temporarily, so you may not even notice.


Drug Dealers Annual Summit Kicks Off
Bush promises to aid, fight them
The president commended drug dealers and DEA agents alike in his annual address 
to the convention of National Association of Illegal Narcotics Distributers, 
whose annual convention begins today. Bush has been giving mixed signals to the 


Larry Wall Scores GNUbeat Cover
In a major upset in the Linux community, perl patriarch Larry Wall is set to 
replace Linux founder Linus Torvalds on the cover of the glossy GNUbeat teen 
rag for the first time in 16 months.

The Daily Sedative Staff

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