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"Get Back-to-Basics..."
Call for Help

We asked Martin for a list of the top 10 downloads that no one has
and he enlightened us here:

Becky explains these two terms and what you can expect from each:

Manage your printer's queue after reading this tip:

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


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Becky's Show Notes for Friday, February 16, 2001...

Mystery Program Running PTSNOOP
Perry in Toms River, NJ writes "When I press Ctrl + Alt + Delete,I
see one of the programs is Ptsnoop. What is Ptsnoop?"

Ptsnoop.exe is a program installed with some brands of modem that
monitors the COM ports for the modem driver. It's not a necessary
to have it running to use the modem.
To stop it from running, you can open C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI with a
text editor such as Notepad or Word Pad. Locate and delete the
reference to Ptsnoop in either the LOAD= or RUN= lines at the top
of the file, and save the file. (Leave the LOAD= and RUN=
Check the Windows Registry by selecting Start*Run, typing RegEdit,
and pressing Enter. Navigate to HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ 
If you see a reference to Ptsnoop in the right window, simply 
highlight that reference and press Del, then close the Registry. 
Restart Windows and you're done. 

Test your PC's Performance
John in Greenville, OH writes "Is there a good program to test how well
my computer is working?"

I love a browser based free web service you can find at 
www.pcpitstop.com. PC Pitstop was started by some guys
who used to be head honchos at Gateway Computers.  PC Pitstop uses
ActiveX controls and JavaScript to run its tests. THe service is
free and a very nice resource for those wanting to evaluate a
computer's performance and vulnerabilities.  
We have an article all about PC Pitstop, check it out

Read AOL Email Offline

We received an email from Ron in Cleveland who wants to know how to 
read his AOL email, when he's not signed on to AOL. It used to 
be called Flash Sessions, but now AOL refers to this practice as 
Automatic AOL

On the Mail Center menu, click Set up Automatic AOL (Flashsessions).
Select the tasks you want Automatic AOL to perform (retrieve unread
mail, etc.). Click Select Names.  Select the screen names for which you'd 
like the tasks performed, and type the passwords for each screen name 
you select in the box provided. Click OK. 

To Run Automatic AOL 
On the Mail Center menu, click Run Automatic AOL Now.
Click Begin.

Learn to Program
Ryan in Dearborn, Michigan asked how he should start the long arduous process 
of becoming a
programming.  I started with C,  big mistake.  The whole if/then
concept was foreign, not to mention the intricate details of C.  Leo always 
suggests starting with the Python programming language.  You can 
learn more about it at www.python.org. 
I also recommend using an online learning site like www.smartplanet.com or 
www.learn2.com to familiarize yourself with a programming language.

Optimal CD Burning Speed
Tracy cookeville TN
CD Burn Speed
Tracy wants to know the optimal speed for burning CDs. He heard that 
burning at a lower speed will improve the quality of the CD.  Unless 
you are experiencing buffer under-run errors that cause skips or 
worse, a blown disk, slowing down the burn speed will not affect the 
quality of the audio CD.  
Check out this article to get the complete story on CD buring

If you have any questions or comments, email me 

As always, it's not your fault

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