[Crapshoot E-Zine] Issue 16: 05.05.2002

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Issue 16: 05.05.2002

I finally got the pictures of my visit to Champion up. Thanks to Linux my friends because I used GIMP , the free Linux Photoshop Pro.

Like I said in the previous issue, I've been using Linux most of the time instead of Windows, so my webcam doesn't update, but now that I've copied some of my data over to Linux, I can work on my rjol.net and The Crapshoot projects. Soon, I'll be copying all of my data over to Linux.

On my Linux desktop (blackbox.rjol.net), I set up the SawBoxL Sawfish theme, the Gradient GNOME theme, the Blackbox window manager (I tried it and switched back to Sawfish), the GNOME terminal background image and text colors, and my GNOME background image. Besides the look and feel of Linux, I also configured the sound, PPP, CD Player, and XMMS. It's so fun to play with Linux!

Until next Sunday, see you later, and enjoy this issue of The Crapshoot.

Boring, eh?

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Table of Contents

1. CS Site
2. CS Audio
3. CS Literature
4. CS Goodies
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CS Site


RPMFind is a giant database of applications available in Red Hat's RPM format, which makes installation, removal, and updating of Linux and your programs extremely easy. Using RPMFind, you search one of the, if not the, biggest database of RPM packages on the internet and find almost any application you could possibly want. Note: you might want to try searching Red Hat's web site first because the Red Hat RPM database is usually more up to date.

CS Audio

Lockergnome Radio Show

The Lockergnome Radio Show, hosted by the Lockergnome editors, is a weekly radio program (also available for streaming online) for computer newbies and gurus alike. Everyone who wants to know more about computers or learn about the latest computer products should check this out.

CS Literature

The High School Tutor For Geometry-Research Education Association

If most people are like me (and I think they are in this one aspect), they have a lot of difficulty with Geometry, but fear not, for the solution is here! The High School Tutor For Geometry is an addition to the textbook, like a real tutor. After reading about a topic in your textbook or going over it in class, you look it up in the book, and the book'll explain what you just learned. BUt, you have to learn it first!

CS Webcam

Lockergnome Webcams

Lockergnome is the number one free computer e-zine available today with different e-zines for Windows users, Mac users, Linux users, digital media enthuists, techies, and people who want to keep up with the latest technolgoy news, but the most popular part of the site is the webcam page. You can look on as the Lockergnome editors prepare each day's issue.

CS Goodies

Name: Nebula or something like it | Type: Wallpaper | Creator: worm31

GIF image

JPEG image

GIF image

GIF image

GIF image

GIF image

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File Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.
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