[cryptome] Re: [tor-relays] Call for discussion: turning funding into more exit relays

  • From: "jd.cypherpunks" <jd.cypherpunks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 20:24:56 +0200

Totally agree! 
Just want to remind everybody that you shouldn't trust. Not Tor and nobody else 
as well.
If you need online anonymity use a virtuell maschine on your computer and use 
some VPN provider (more than one, one from US and one from Europe) before 
connecting to Tor.
I know this isn't foolproof and sound a little bit wired, but it helps a lot. :)


> Tor-talk unsubbed me yesterday, probably for publishing on Cryptome
> Eugen's forward of this thread's initial message from Roger Dingledine,
> with our additional pointers to enduring USG funding of the Tor Project.
> That Tor Project has enlisted many dedicated participants around the
> world is most admirable. If it was not so jingoistic and US-promotional
> it would be a crowd-source service deserving of trustworthiness.
> Its long-time funding by the USG propanda agency, the Broadcast Board
> of Govenors, as well as several front organizations, is not to be overlooked
> by incessant braggardy, technical conceit and thin-skinnedness by its
> spokespersons, primarily majordomos Andrew Newman and Jacob
> Appelbaum, now joined by sub-lieutenants to admit no serious faults
> in the system. (The inventors and most capable technologists of Tor
> do not exaggerate its virtues.)
> Tor Project's duplicity reminds of ICANN and a slew of other USG TLA 
> initiatives
> to maintain control of the Internet while espousing a US-centric version
> of information freedom which actually serves as a component of the
> US national security regime.
> State Department brags of the thousands of info fighters it is subsidizing,
> and NSA is openly recruiting hackers. It should be assumed that the TLAs
> have co-opted Anonymous-like initiatives in concert with pernicious
> sockpuppetry in social media.
> Tor Project would benefit from escaping USG financial clutches, albeit
> difficult if dependency has become inured. The proposal to expand USG
> funding for exit relays -- its most vulnerable and compromisable aspect --
> is a gift horse needing a dental check before buying in.

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