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My country is in one of the five eyes or the five power defence arrangement 
which if l remember happens to include Intelligence. Our Prime Minister John 
Key who is the Minister of our Intelligence community would off course not say 
anything about the five eyes. My understanding is that it is a joint 
intelligence sharing programme. 

I think many New Zealanders are kind of interested but it is rather toned down 
in the New Zealand news media, yes we hear about top officials comming here but 
that is about it. Its pretty much ho hum here. Yes we know what Waihopi does, 
it intercepts the foreign communications in our part of the world. As does that 
other 4 powers who do the same for their parts of the world. 
Do you remember the kur fufle over the Australian govt listening in on the 
former Indonesian leaders wife a no of years ago, because she was a shaker and 
mover or at least a potential one so the Australian govt wanted to be well 
informed on this one.
Well, when the government found out about this they were very unhappy publicly. 
There was a very public falling out between the Indonesian and Australian 
governments over this very issue. It is well know that governments spy on each 
other that is not new, but the Aussie's got caught in public doing it.  This 
was using Australia's intelligence resources to know what their neighbours are 
up to. 


Ps, this sounds similar to article l just posted

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Subject: [cryptome] the nda and privacy tools



    Some of you may have seen this article already

    but as the article points out. if your in one of "five eyes" you
    might be safe.....but imho don't even count on that.


    with that caveat in place. follow the rabbit below..





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