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  • From: "Al Mac Wow" <macwheel99@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 21:10:07 -0500

I watched on TV that the British Parliament voted 285 to 270 against
military action into Syria.

C-Span etc. no doubt will be showing replays of this.


That's a very close vote.  If the powers that be do a better job of
explaining how they know stuff now, better than when we were told 10 years
ago about the WMD in Iraq, with equal certainty of trust us you don't need
to see any classified details, then maybe public opinion will sway to alter
that very close sentiment in the other direction.


The US France Turkey & whoever else not certain to the public, are still on
board, without the British.

Unless another nation's legislature has a similar vote.

The UN inspectors supposedly are leaving Saturday, so the strikes could
start as early as Sunday.


Before the vote, we were told that RAF planes would participate from an air
base in Cyprus.

With Britain out, is Cyprus also?


Al Mac = Alister William Macintyre 


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