[cryptome] Perception Management: The Emperor Has No Clothes: Or, are the Fibres are so invisible they cannot be seen

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James Risen's book on The Emperor having no clothes...or is it that the threads are so fine that they cannot be seen...

see url: http://cryptome.org/2015/02/pay-any-price-chapter-2.pdf

A chapter of a book, tendered as evidence in a court case, and therefore in the public domain, alleging that invisible software sold to the CIA etc as fit for the purpose of detecting secret messages in Al Qaeda video barcodes published by Al Jazeera, at an eventual cost of £2 billion to the US state, was in fact...like WMD's in Iraq...non existent, and that the creator of the software had little more than a creative imagination, a superior and better knowledge of perception management than the leadership, both technical and resources and business and contractual of the CIA and NSA, and other such organisations, which he used against leading figures in the CIA including the present Director Bannerman...to delude them, including POTUS Bush, into thinking that there was going to be an attack against the United States, by Al Qaeda. The information so gained, from the invisible software detecting secret codes and cyphers in the beard of Osama Bin Laden...or other such places in the video as yet to be determined or released or unredacted...only for the French (the Old Europeans), who were much put out at the political and economic cost to find that no such software existed, and were even more put out when the US intelligence services denied that the software didn't exist...Confused? Well, that is perception management for you...study it some more and you will understand...:-)

see url: http://cryptome.org/2015/02/brennan-grandiosity-v-abilt.pdf

The same said Director Bannerman, has recently been involved in a case against a narcoleptic black person who worked in the front line of a secret organisation, which he, Bannerman heads; and who was unfairly dismissed by said Bannerman, for being victimised and punished and harassed for sleeping on the job during the day by his immediate superiors after he had been given permission to do so for medical reasons. Said Bannerman used the case to extoll his personal virtues and the great contribution he has made to the US security system in the last 25 years, in various positions: by denying the said narcoleptic black person any access to information which might help him to prove his case, on the basis that it was classified. The court concurred with Mr. Bannerman's interpretation and the human rights and employment rights of the narcoleptic black person was denied therefore, and no attempt was made to provide redacted documents to the plaintiff by the said organisation, or recommended by the court.

Plaintiff Mr. Montgomery, comes to trial presenting a clean pair of hands, who is at present on trial for bouncing a cheque of $1.8 million to pay off a gambling debt.
see url: http://cryptome.org/2015/02/montgomery-001.pdf

A case of invisible software sold to the CIA by a patriot called David Montgomery, out of the goodness of his heart, and for the benefit of the security of the US government and its citizens, made available said software, which helped POTUS Bush the Younger, decide that the US was about to be attacked by civilian passenger planes from the UK and France, so saving the country from a second 9/11 type of occurrence.
Enjoy...:-) .

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