[cryptome] Nicolas Merril Puts in claim for legal expenses from US government for NSL removal

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see url: https://cryptome.org/2015/12/merrill-048-051.pdf

Interesting case, I hope he wins.

It is notable that there are very few lawyers, (a mere handful) in the United States who have the ability, training, experience and political nause to take on the government in such cases, and those who are, came up through the ranks via Electronic Frontier Foundation or the American Civil Liberties Union. Challenging the government on 1st amendment cases which involved National Security, is a very specialised area requiring special skills and not a lot of lawyers are willing to participate in it.

For this reason, the government can serve NS Letters with almost absolute impunity, as litigants have neither the expertise, the time or the money to protect, or in establishing their civil rights and liberties. Thousands of them have been served and the US government appears to think that the gagging effect on those who are served with them lasts forever. Merril, with the help of the EFF managed to pursue his case in court and won a resounding victory against such attitudes. He is now trying to claim legal expenses on behalf of all those people who were directly involved in pursuing the case, not only lawyers, but law students and paralegals and other volunteers interested in doing the research and ground work.
Good luck to him and may such litigation flourish until such time as the US government realises that they are deeply hurting the rights of their citizens, and that, more and more in the future, it will become increasingly expensive, and suffer a lot of face, when they overstep the mark.
In my view, the lawyers who represented him deserve to be named, so that others can become aware of their expertise.
They are:
Jonathan Manes, supervising attorney
David A. Schulz, supervising attorney
Enjoy... :-) .

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