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Hi Shaun,

Miles Copeland too is well worth reading. I did read some of his books way back in the 1970s and 80s. He was famous, or should I say infamous for setting up and orchestrating "Operation Ajax" along with the Brits, which brought down the democractically elected government of Iran in 1953. This time it was quite blatantly for oil, and a secondary consideration was their alleged warmth and friendship towards the Soviet Union.

The Shah of Iran emerged reluctantly as a result of the stick and carrot approach...the carrots being millions and the stick being S.A.V.A.K. the secret police which Copeland invented for him to help him administer democracy in the country. SAVAK was very similar to the South African BOSS, using methods of persuasion such as slippy hands and dropping people accidentally, with wires attached to their nether parts, out of 10 story skyscrapers in Pretoria. Apparently, this type of treatment makes people speak the truth and spill the beans, because they love their interrogators so much...all very scientific and part of the U.S. campaign for human rights throughout the world.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing the subject further, Wikipedia has a basic article on him, on url:
which is an introduction to the subject.

As part of his C.I.A. activities he also helped organise a coup in Syria in 1949.

I read a paper a few years back on "Operation Ajax". It explained how the coup was organised and all the background stuff, very interesting and illuminating...I can't find it now, but see url: http://rt.com/usa/iran-coup-cia-operation-647/
for further information.

Not much has changed since, particularly in the Middle East, though I see that Iran and Syria are rapidly becoming our friends and once again human lives are getting wasted and billions of dollars which could be spent on helping people in the world, is being expended on drones and specialist military training...One can see another Vietnam type situation developing on the horizon.

Interesting too, that ISIS or ISIL was one of those organisations which were going to be funded as liberation fighters a couple of years back, but I think that people in the UK and the USA were getting a bit sickened of all these "revolutionaries" getting funding and then using the money to become terrorists. Still, politics is very complicated and one has to support the lesser of two evils in order to bring human rights and democracy to the world...

He wasn't all bad, was a musician as well, played with some of the world famous; and was one of the founder members of the original C.I.A. and after all, if he hadn't published his books we might never have known what he and the Wild West were up to...

On 26/06/14 22:37, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
Miles copeland wrote some informative books relating to the intelligence community as well.and it was his work that stimulated my interest one book in particular( the tittle of which eludes me) gave an interesting methodology for creating otp

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