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She does such wonderful work for charity, our Hil, looking after the rights of women, helping to prevent obesity and other human rights. The wife of an ex-President who has a bent dick and who accompanies her everywhere on her trips around the world, bringing good cheer, hope and optimism to the peoples. A good team they make and a real inspiration to America...and she doesn't come too expensive, only $750,000 per speech, plus expenses for her staff, aides, hotel accommodation and travel expenses. She and her husband travel all over the world, spreading the good word about the worlds' greatest democracy, the US of A. and set an example of fashion for fat people old people, civilisation and the pursuit of happiness through the accumulation of great wealth, in an advanced capitalist society.

I think John and Deborah should invite her and Bill to their condo in Manhattan for cocktails so that they can have a nice little tet a tet, or English High Tea and exchange views and opinions on email security, how classified networks work and what they are for, and how they differ from private networks; and protecting servers and how to prevent logs being kept away from grand juries and such like...:-). It could be a long evening, but I am sure with a bit of John's charm and his diplomatic skills, with some nice Greek mezze and an explanation of Voir Dire: Interrogating the Juridical City or even better, "City of Redactions", by Debbie, Hil and Bill. I am sure, would do it for nuffink.

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Hil is only trumphed by Trump. There was he, arriving triumphant in Scotland only a few years ago, bringing the promise of hundreds of millions of pounds which he was going to insert into the Scottish economy by building a Golf Club and hotel complex for the international jet setters in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, near the coast, amongst some of the worlds most ancient and huge sand dunes, a site of great natural beauty, according to the UN. Gaining the confidence of Alex Salmond of Scottish National Party fame and Scotland's First Minister at the time, our Donal was welcomed with open arms. That loud Americanism greeted in the only way the Scots know how, a wee dram, oatcakes and the warm friendliness of a naive people welcoming one of the "Big Yins". Planning permission was duly given and the work started and all was going to plan. Donal and his entourage were all over the Scottish newspapers and he was discussed in the social media, and with that lovely, cheeky smile and young ladies by his side, and shouting, "I love you people" every where he went, he completely disarmed the Scots, showing how up front and accommodating he was, with those young ladies by his side, spreading the message that sexing up documents isn't the only think that gender differences are useful for.

Then, one day, this fantastic fairy tale came to an end, and backfired on him and the Scots when the bad Scottish genie, the 3 witches and the curse of the Scottish play visited him, the monkey shoulder whiskey came out of the bottle in the form of some little crofters (small farmers to the uninitiated), but much older than the ones in the "Grapes of Wrath" and these crofters opposed any further development. Guid ole Donal was most upset with these people, these rag a muffins and illiterates, who dared to thwart him, whom he considered squatters on his land and, much non-plussed with their rejection of his numerous offers of huge amounts of cash to purchase their properties, like the big giant that he is, got very angry, and made the following response, a typical American move which he learned from his betters in the US establishment.

You have all heard him tell the American people of his proposal in his election manifesto for POTUS about building a wall along the border with Mexico, to keep out the immigrants, and another proposal to ban all Muslims from entering America by creating an anti-Muslim barrier? Well, he tried this very thing in guid ole Scotia, he built a huge sandy wall, bigger than everything that the Romans had ever flung at Scotland, including Antonines and Hadrians Walls. The wall was built big enough to exclude anyone on the golf course or at the hotel complex from seeing the crofts which had occupied the land for thousands of years, cutting off their roads, their sewers, their water pipes and their electricity, all done by accident. He looked to the Scottish government for support, but just couldn't get his head around the fact that Scots law and the Scottish government cannot use any law to force people off their lands without their permisson, and this law goes back to the era of the Highland Clearances, when so many Scots were forced off their land to be replaced by sheep and they left and went to America as settlers in the New World. See how the world goes in circles as Karl Marx once said, the first time it is a drama, the second, a farce? Well, here is an example.

The situation for Donal got worse and worse, the Scottish people started to despise him, seeing him as arrogant, childish and a bit stupid and someone who had more money than sense. So, what they did, was that someone came up with a proposal to build a huge wind farm just off the coast, adjacent to Donal's Golf Complex. Poor ole Donal went scatty and did everything he could within the law, to get it stopped. But the Scots were too canny for him and they ken a lot more about getting money out of suckers than suckers do out of them, and they allowed the new Windfarm to go ahed, much to the chagrin of oor Donal...and made lots o' spondoolix out of the deal too.

Eventually, Donal got pissed off and went back to America with his tail between his legs, blaming everyone but himself, and decided to use all the political, if not economic skills he had learned from the Scots to win the US presidential election. Meanwhile, due to his recent outbursts about Muslims and banning them from the US of A, even the English, a normally placid and polite people got up a petition to Parliament which commanded over 100,000 signatures, demanding that Donal Trump be banned from the land as an unwelcome alien...So I don't know what is going to happen if he ever becomes President, cos he ain't going to get much of a welcome in these British isles, no matter how much money he brings.
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