[cryptome] Guide to Obtaining Security Clearance

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 07:30:09 -0400


Guide to Obtaining Security Clearance

Obtain personal and facility security clearance for you, your offices,
warehouses, manufacturing plants, or other facilities using our
comprehensive guide to Personal and Facility Security Clearance.
Anyone with access to classified data requires a clearance at the
level the data is classified. For this reason, security clearances are
required for a wide range of jobs, from senior management to janitorial.
Jobs that require a security clearance can be found either as positions
working directly for the Federal government or as authorized Federal
contractors. Over time, more clearance jobs are being outsourced to
contractors. Due to an overall shortage in security-cleared candidates
and a long time frame to obtain the credentials for an uncleared worker,
those with clearance are often paid more than their non-cleared
equivalent counterparts. for only $14.95!

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