[cryptome] Dougie's Quote of the Year Award: 1st Prize. Julian Assange

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*One of the first times we met I noticed a book on your table: "The Prince" by Machiavelli. What have you learned about power in 10 years of Wikileaks?*
"My conclusion is that most power structures are deeply incompetent, staffed by people who don't really believe in their institutions and that most power is the projection of the perception of power. And the more secretively it works, the more incompetent it is, because secrecy breeds incompetence, while openness breeds competence, because one can see and can compare actions and see which one is more competent. To keep up these appearances, institutional heads or political heads such as presidents spend most of the time trying to walk in front of the train and pretending that it is following them, but the direction is set by the tracks and by the engine of the train. Understanding that means that small and committed organisations can outmanoeuvre these institutional dinosaurs, like the State Department, the NSA or the CIA".

So much for conspiracy theory....:-).

Anyone else got some good topical quotes they would like to submit to cryptome mailing list...and why they liked them. I'd be interested to see them



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