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Yup! But for all of that, I wouldn't send you 10 bucks unless it was
guaranteed to get to you, or else me money was credited back to me
account...:-).  I don't mind the banks using crypto whether it be bitcon and
secure links as long as they take the responsibility for transferring me
money over to whom I sent it.  If it don't get there, then they refund it to
me, pronto, just as they do now.

I would also like them to respect my privacy and not give out my details
without my written permission.  And I would also like the government to tell
me first, before they go looking for a search warrant from a justice of the
peace, or interfering with me computer without me permission.  And I would
like them all to take responsibility and compensate me if they get it wrong,
or damage my equipment. I don't think that is too much to ask...

But as the ploughman said to the wee mousie in "To a Mouse" when the we
mousie asked to have his nest preserved..."It's a sma' request..."...:-).

Far better to transact through smoke and mirrors, methinks.

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No 1 vulnerability of crypto is the user 2nd passphrases 3rd overconfidence
4th trust in the producer 5th believing backdoors are No. 1

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