[cryptome] Chevron gets people's phone metadata

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I found out about this thru a connection on Google Plus.




We have seen recent news about what the government can do with the metadata,
the claim that they store the info for 5 years, and only get certain kinds
of metadata.  We have also seen that the courts have ruled that the 4th
amendment does not apply to "our" data in the hands of 3rd parties like
ISPs, Telcom, utilities, banks, etc., because the 4th amendment only applies
to "our" records explicitly in our hands.  I suspect our hands also does not
include data on our computers, judging from some courts mandating that
people turn over passwords, so the cops can get at what's on some people
electronic devices.


Chevron wins a law suit . they can get 9 years worth of metadata

-which includes names, time stamps, and detailed location data and login
info, but not content-belonging to activists, lawyers, and journalists who
criticized the company for drilling in Ecuador and leaving behind a trail of
toxic sludge and leaky pipelines. 

Chevron alleges that it is the victim of a mass extortion conspiracy
<http://www.chevron.com/documents/pdf/ecuador/StampedComplaint.pdf> , which
is why the company is asking Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, which owns
Hotmail, to cough up the email data. When Lewis Kaplan, a federal judge in
New York, granted the Microsoft subpoena last month, he ruled
der-Hotmail-IP-subpoena_0.pdf>  it didn't violate the First Amendment
because Americans weren't among the people targeted.

Now Mother Jones has learned that the targeted accounts do include
Americans-a revelation that calls the validity of the subpoena into

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