[cryptome] Re: Bitcon says it aint bankrupt

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Dear Ryan,

What a shocking revelation! I allus knew that these upstart Americans would
bring chaos and trouble to the world when they stole independence from England
all them years ago... J. 1776 was it, that far back. I thought it was 1787...

See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_United_States_Constitution

Just never learned what is good for them. After taking political, economic,
social and cultural power to themselves...illegally, I might add, they have
nearly destroyed our English language with their sidewalks instead of pavements
and routes instead of roots...I mean roads, fit instead of fitted and lately
their computereese. Ally that with Mickeysoft’s spellchecker and it is no
wonder that there is big trouble in the world. Even the Chinese have
difficulty coping with it all.

In fact it is only recently that the judges managed to develop the “reasonable
man” concept in their common law. When they will manage to find the phrase “on
the Clapham omnibus” is anyone’s guess. Even the addition of a “New York
Subway” might show some improvement... J. See url:

For a potted history of its development in French, English, UK and
international law.

Not only is there no such thing as a reasonable man, but trying to be
politically correct in using person instead of man, is just even more
ridiculous. I can see law historians and scribes everywhere going through all
the old law books and striking out man and replacing it with person because it
doesn’t suit some politician or other.

And, aren’t the Americans so loud. Even when one tries to cross the street,
one can’t until some robot on a pole shouts “Walk” or “Don’t Walk”...and if one
disobeys one is in deep trouble. And then there is the primacy given to the
motor car. They call it “jaywalking” in America and one gets punished for it,
whilst here in England’s green and pleasant land we call it rambling and are
rewarded by beautiful scenery. I mean, when was the last time one saw a jay
walking on a New York street, I ask meself...they were all flattened by a car
tire or is it tyre...I get confused these days..a long time ago. Pedestrians
take precedence, we even have Zebra and Panda Crossings to help our children
cross the street. And the Green Man of course, he was our shepherd. We had a
civilised, peaceful jungle in which the children could play safely at one time.
Pity it is all disappearing.

See url:

And...one last thing, lest we forget. The American Constitution is based on an
amalgam of some of the greatest European legal theorists and principles of the
age, including English and Scots, as well as French and German, Latin and Greek
and Roman Law, from a highly developed separation of powers, to the use of the
Common Law in the form of stare decisis and obiter dictum as an embellishment
to statutory homespun law. In that respect it is quite unique, the only
exception I can think of is the constitution of South Africa, after Mandela.
The American Forefathers, like Washington and Franklin were learned men, well
schooled in the theory, practice and history of screwing up the English.

See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Founding_Fathers_of_the_United_States

Still, I am probably guilty of teaching my grandmother to suck eggs... J.



P.S. The only trouble with lawyers is that they think they are magicians and
get paid not by the hour, but by the word...though they will tell you it is by
the hour. To us, words cost nothing, are nothing, but to a lawyer, they are
“open Sesame” or “Abracadabra” or “Just like that”. See url:

Or url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhMRJMEJW2k

For the practice

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i do not suport the internationalist perspective on common law

the supreme court of the UK has no relevant cases after 1776.

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 3:12 PM, Douglas Rankine
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See url:

Is there an election going on somewhere... J. One just can’t trust anyone at
the moment... This deception business is catching on at a great pace,
developing new threads, new possibilities, new opportunities for exploitation.
Companies are setting up random number generators for producing lies. Even the
“reasonable man on the Clapham omnibus” is at it. Must be worthwhile putting
money into it somewhere in the world... J.



See url:

Even the Supreme Court is at it...see the first 3 paragraphs, explaining how
much of English law is based on fibs...


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