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Subject: Free Subscription for your Colleagues!
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Hi Richard,

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber to Dr. Dobb's Journal!

You are receiving this email today because we would like to give your
qualified colleagues the opportunity to receive their own FREE
subscriptions to Dr. Dobb's Journal.

It's easy, simply forward this email to them, and if they qualify
they will be able to receive Dr. Dobb's Journal for FREE!

All they have to do is complete this brief questionnaire:


Give your friends the publication that was voted "Best Developer
Magazine 2006"1, for the 4th consecutive year!

Jessica Ward
Dr. Dobb's Journal

1 Voted "Best Developer Magazine" for both of the categories measure -
Tools and Software Technologies - in Evans Data Corporation's
Developer Marketing Patterns Report (DMP), for four consecutive
years, 2003-2006

===================================================================== You are sent this as a subscriber to Dr. Dobb's Journal, 600 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. We believe this offer will be of benefit to your colleagues. To opt-out respond here


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