[cocomud] CocoMUD build 50

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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2020 17:53:41 +0100


After a very long time of partial activity, CocoMUD 50 is now available for download.  Automatic updating from build 49 has been tested and should go smoothly in most cases.  If it doesn't, remember you still have the option of running a manual installation (see the Download page <https://cocomud.plan.io/projects/cocomud-client/wiki/Download> for more information). You can download CocoMUD 50 here: https://cocomud.plan.io/attachments/download/3138/CocoMUD.zip .

Build 50
• Add a feature to prevent some games from disconnecting you based on "idle out" (#157). This simply sends empty commands randomly to the server. Notice that most game servers forbid this kind of automatic playing.
• Add the #randplay function, to randomly play a sound from a list of files (#118).
• CocoMUD now recognizes and act according to the Telnet Go-Ahead (#130). In non-technical terms, users should see an improvement in CocoMUD's behavior when receiving long blocks of text that used to be cut in the middle.
• Add the first version of delays in CocoMUD, paving the way for timers, speed walking and such (#156).
• The notepad dialog, used to write/read notes in CocoMUD, doesn't hide the client window anymore (#158). It is possible to have them both open at once.
• CocoMUD now correctly handles the action to repeat the last entered command in the history (#151). This means you can configure a ! alias to repeat the last command.
• Fix a bug to use macros using the minus of the numeric keypad (#154).
• Fix a bug preventing importing a world from a file (#152).
• Fix a bug with macros using the combination ALT + X or ALT + Shift + X (#149).
• Creating a new character is only the default choice if no character exists in this world (#147).
• Fix a bug where CocoMUD crashed on opening the SharpScript console (#146).
• Complete optimization of the output window (#133). Unfortunately, some users are still complaining about strange sluggishness, but as it is, no better solution has been found, except clearing the output window.
• Add an updater to make sure future releases don't break compatibility with CocoMUD (#153).

Again, a huge thanks to testers of this version.  I also am quite grateful to these of you who reported bugs and suggested new features.



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