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Dear all
Thought this might interest you
DOCUMENTARY: God is Green 
Channel: Channel 4 
Date: Monday 12th February 2007
Time: 20:00 to 21:00 (starting this evening)
Duration: 1 hour.
Many climate change scientists claim that we may have as little as 15 years in 
which to clean up our act: or face the prospect of total chaos. God Is Green 
follows documentary-maker and devout Catholic Mark Dowd on a personal journey 
to find out why the world's major faiths are saying so little on this important 
issue, and in the process comes up with his own manifesto for averting 
LeslieClimate Change Action an excellent site which will open your eyes click 
here to visit Climate Change Action
Stop Global Warming join the virtual march today 
Our mission is to use the strength of numbers to urge our government to join 
the rest of the world in addressing global warming, and urge business to start 
a new industrial revolution of clean energy that reduces our dependence on oil. 
Make your voice heard Click here
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