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Clif Notes Newsletter for March 2010

Hello Everyone,

This month, I have lots of articles for you to read. Hopefully it's
not too much for you. After all, you can always stop reading at any
time and return when you do have time.

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This month's articles:
● Backup Your Device Drivers with Double Driver
● Learn to Program with Microsoft Small Basic
● Find and Read Tons of Free E-Books with FBReader
● 5GB of Free Online File Storage with CloudDrive
● How to Restore Default File Types in Vista and Windows 7
● Free Online Anti-Virus Scan from Trend Micro – the HouseCall
● Can You Hide Your Web Browser While Surfing at Work or School?
● How To Create and Use System Restore Points
● How to Speed Up Windows Disk Cleanup
● Find as You Type with Listary
● Windows 7 Update – Microsoft Will Seek and Destroy Pirated Copies
● Tweak XP Security Settings with XP-Antispy
● How to Keep the Same Notes Everywhere – Synchronizing Tomboy with Dropbox
● Create a Hyperlinked Notes Database with Tomboy
● 650 Free Wallpapers That You’ve Never Seen Before
● Immunet Protect Offers Side by Side Compatibility with Your Current AntiVirus

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