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Welcome to Clif Notes Newsletter
November 18, 2007

Here are the headlines from this week's newsletter.

EasyCapture - screenshots with great editing options
GoogleHacks - collection of handy file search tools
Sandboxie - nagging and auto-starts now a problem
Miro - The only video player you need?
Better Gmail 2 - even better for heavy Gmail users
Free Music Zilla - download tunes from social services
Old Newsletter

What free software do you need?
The 5 best, free tools to remove junk files
3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates
Internet Fixes Weekend Windup
Comments last week

Lala.com - a place to grow your music
Songza - free streaming music with a nice interface
StartForce - web desktops that look and feel like Windows
CoolSites Newsletter this week
Websites I've visited recently

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