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Welcome to Clif Notes Newsletter
December 9, 2007

Here are the headlines from this week's newsletter.

   1. Online Armor - top rated firewall and intrusion prevention
   2. Prevx CSI Free - a stand-alone malware scanner and killer
   3. Fire Uploader - Firefox extension for uploading images
   4. New England Snow Screen Saver
   5. Flickr Uploadr - fast and easy photo uploads
   6. Old Newsletter

   1. What free software do you need?
   2. Creating Photo Slideshow Movies
   3. Internet Fixes Weekend Windup
   4. Comments last week

   1. CoolSites Newsletter this week
   2. Have some fun - play Winterbells
   3. Snow Globe - shake'me up and hear the screams
   4. Cownter - see how many surfers are on the same page
   5. Draw Anywhere - work on group drawings online
   6. Websites I've visited recently

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