[cifnmedia] Illinois Firefighters Battling Massive Warehouse Fire

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Illinois Firefighters Battling Massive Warehouse Fire
Courtesy of KSDK News 

Firefighters are continuing their efforts to contain a warehouse fire that 
rekindled early Monday morning at the Vandalia Warehouse complex in Granite 
City, Illinois. Smoke can be seen in the morning sky for miles. 

Last Stand Fails It appears that the firewall, created through efforts of the 
Granite City Fire Department and mutual aid teams, called to the scene, have 
failed. The firewall represented fire crews last stand to save the Michelin 
Retread building which contains thousands of tires.

The original fire occurred at 9:40 p.m. Sunday night, but was confined to a 
section of the office building, and was put out with the help of sprinklers. 
Fire crews returned to the scene Monday morning around 4:40 when the fire 
re-kindled. Authorities won't say the fire is suspicious, but call the blaze 

Explosions have occurred during the fire. Authorities say propane tanks aboard 
forklifts had exploded. The Vandalia Warehouse contained metal products like 
scrap aluminum, some toys and even bicycles.

Fire Rapidly Spread Fire officials say their efforts to contain the fire were 
hampered early due to the wood material inside the warehouse. Crews began 
setting up a defensive firewall between the warehouse and an adjacent Michelin 
Retread warehouse in an effort to prevent the tire warehouse from catching fire.

Fire Is Overwhelming Meanwhile, firefighters battling the massive warehouse 
fire say they're overwhelmed. They say lack of manpower and water have 
prevented crews from putting this fire out. 

The Vandalia Warehouse is a 100-year-old building. Much of the structure is 
made of wood, which continued to fuel the fire. 

The Vandalia warehouse is leased to Fox Industries and is located on 
Niedringhausen bear Benton and Adams avenues in an industrial area in Granite 

One person has been reported injured, but the extent of the injuries is unknown.

Reprinted With Permission Of KSDK 


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