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Hola les quiero compartir este correo.


Carlos Avendaño
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3rd International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems 2006 6 - 8
September 2006, Valencia (Spain)


Technically co-sponsored by the IEEE and the IEEE Vehicular Technology

Wireless Communications are at the centre of a new and passionate era
for telecommunications characterised by the convergence of systems and
technologies, a transition towards all-IP networks, and the development
of technologies with a user-centred focus. In this context, the
International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS) is
positioning itself as a recognised and dynamic forum for researchers and
technologists to present and discuss original ideas and contributions in
all fields related to mobile wireless communication systems.

The 3rd International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems
intends to bring together leading wireless communication researchers and
technologists willing to identify and discuss the most recent advances,
the future technical challenges and business opportunities arising in
the path towards the realisation of ambient wireless communication
networks. Together with the technical sessions, the symposium will
feature panel discussions and keynote presentations from leading
wireless communication experts from industry, academia regulatory and
standardisation bodies.

To realise its objectives, the organising and technical committees of
the symposium are seeking original contributions in the areas of, but
not limited to:

-          IMT-2000 systems -          Beyond 3G and 4G systems -       
  Innovative concepts for future mobile and wireless communication
systems -          Fixed and nomadic wireless access -          Relaying
and user cooperation -          Spectrum sharing and coexistence -      
   Radio resource management and allocation -          Wireless access
techniques -          Cross-layer design and optimisation -         
experimental systems and field trials -          Heterogeneous wireless
networking -          Convergence of networks -          End-to-End QoS
provision -          Wireless network architectures and deployments -   
      Ultra-wideband communications -          Wireless LAN and PAN -   
      Wireless and Mobile IP -          Wireless ad-hoc and sensor
networks -          Digital audio and video broadcasting -         
Novel wireless switching and routing techniques -          Mobility
management -          Traffic control and engineering -         
Modelling, analysis and simulation of mobile and wireless systems -     
    Innovative services and applications -          Service and
middleware platforms -          Location based services and positioning
-          Security and privacy -          Software radio and
re-configurability -          Satellite communications and High Altitude
Platforms -          Coding, modulation and equalization -         
Wireless propagation and channel modelling -          MIMO techniques
and smart adaptive antennas -          Space-time coding and diversity -
         Signal processing for wireless systems


Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts (full papers will not
be accepted) of about 1500 words (two pages in the standard IEEE
conference format) together with a short summary (approx. 150 words).
Authors are requested to indicate their paper's technical area when
submitting their contribution.

Proposals for Tutorial are also being solicited and should be sent,
together with a one page summary and the presenter's biography, to the
Tutorial Chair.

Detailed submission guidelines and manuscript templates will be
published on the conference's website.


Abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2006 Notification of acceptance:
June 2, 2006 Tutorials proposals deadline:  June 9, 2006 Final paper
due: July 1, 2006


General Chair: Narcís Cardona Technical University of Valencia, Spain

Technical Program Chair: Luis Correia IST/IT - Technical University of
Lisbon, Portugal

General Co-Chairs: Boon Sain Yeo (1) and Javier Gozalvez (2) 1. Wavex
Technologies, Singapore 2. University Miguel Hernández, Spain

Technical Program co-Chair: Alberto González Technical University of
Valencia, Spain

Panel/Speaker Chair: Jorge Pereira European Commission, Belgium

Tutorial Chair: Oriol Sallent Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Special Sessions and Invited Papers Chair: Roberto Verdone University of
Bologna, Italia

Publication Chair: James Irvine University of Strathclyde, UK

Publicity Chair: Óscar Lázaro Innovalia Association, Spain

Local Organizing Chair: David Argilés Technical University of Valencia,


Narcís Cardona, Technical University of Valencia, Spain Boon Sain Yeo,
Wavex Technologies, Singapore Luis Correia, IST/IT - Technical
University of Lisbon, Portugal Giovanni Giambene, University of Siena,
Italy Javier Gozálvez, University Miguel Hernández, Spain Alberto
González,Technical University of Valencia, Spain James Irvine,University
of Strathclyde, UK Oscar Lazaro,Innovalia Association, Spain

The 3rd International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems will
take place in Valencia (Spain) from the 6th to the 8th of September
2006. Valencia is a beautiful and warm Mediterranean city worldwide
recognised for its history and quality of life, and the acclaimed
Calatrava's City of Arts and Sciences. Valencia is also hosting the 32nd
America's Cup, the most prestigious international sailing competition
and the oldest sports trophy in the world. For more information and a
detailed conference's social program, please visit the symposium's web
site:  www.iswcs.org/iswcs2006

Interested researchers are also encouraged to register in the
conference's mailing list to receive updates on the Symposium.
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Carlos Avendaño
Profesor Facultad de Ingeniería
Universidad de Antioquia

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