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9/13/13  TIGERS  26  Charleston  18
An absolutely, positively gorgeous night at Hopke Field, as
the Tigers and Blue Jays both hoped that playing on Friday the 13th would not 
bring them bad luck.    The Tigers were clinging to a 7-6 lead at the
half, and would fall behind in the 3rd quarter 7-12, but answered
with 19 4th quarter points to hang on to the win, 26-18.
The Tigers sporting their home red over red uniforms would
kick off to the white over blue clad Jays.  The Jays completely controlled the 
line of scrimmage and
moved the ball deep into Tiger territory, while eating up the first 7:10 of the
1st quarter.  The Jays
came away with no points as Ryan Housman’s 32 yard field goal attempt sailed
wide left.   The Tigers used
the majority of the 4:50 remaining in the first quarter moving the ball
downfield behind the strong running of Tyler Grissom, Darrell Monroe and Jamal
Johnson.  However, it was Hunter
Trevathan who would get the TD call for the Tigers, taking it in from 6 yards
out with only 0:13 left in the quarter.  Colt Callens added the PAT, giving the 
Tigers the 7-0 lead.
The Jays Delfincko Bogan took the Tiger kick at the 17, and
sprinted 83 yards for the KOR TD.  The Jays elected to go for 2, but the Tiger 
defense stopped the
Jays.  Tigers 7 Jays 6 with 0:01
left in the 1st.
The 2nd quarter would be scoreless, but there was
plenty of action as the Tigers would push the ball all the way down to the Jays
3…1st and goal from the 3, but the Tigers failed to score.  Ironically, the 
Jays did almost the
same thing, having a 1st and goal from the Tigers’ 2, but the Tiger
defense stopped the Jays without scoring.
Tiger fans were hopeful that the 2nd half would
start better for the Tigers.  Unfortunately, it started much as the 1st half 
had ended,
with the Tigers moving the ball to the Jays’ 5 yardline, but the Jays pushed
the Tigers back, and Bogan ended the Tigers’ threat intercepting a pass.  
The Jays then moved the ball all the way down to the Tigers’
2, and it appeared the Tigers would again stuff the Jays, after a Jays penalty
moved them back to the 12.  However, the Jays Rontavious Clark put the ball 
into the endzone with a
nice 12 yard run.  The 2-point
attempt failed, but the Jays had their 1st lead of the night, 7-12.
So far, neither of the teams had been forced to punt.  That would quickly 
change as the Tigers
and Jays exchanged punts on their next possessions as the 3rd quarter was 
coming to an end.  
On the last play of the 3rd quarter, Monroe broke
loose for a 44 yard run to the Jays’ 11 yardline.  It appeared the Tigers may 
not be able to punch it in again,
as a false start penalty moved the ball back to the 16.  Monroe time, as 
Darrell powered his way
through the Jays defense for the 16 yard TD.  The PAT failed, giving the Tigers 
back the lead, 13-12.
The Tiger defense stopped the Jays next drive, forcing a
Jays fumble which was recovered by Tiger freshman, Jason Jones at the Jays’
22.  Grissom carried for 12 yards
to the 10, and then carried again for 8 yards to the 2.  Monroe dived in from 
the 2 for the
TD.  Callens added the PAT,
increasing the Tigers’ lead to 20-12. 
On the Jays next possession, it appeared the Jays were about
to tie the game when Robert Bogan broke free and appeared to be gone, but the
Tigers Jamal Johnson refused to give up and tackled Bogan from behind at the
Tigers’ 29.  The Jays moved the
ball to the Tigers’ 15, but on the next play the Tigers forced a fumble which
was recovered by the Tigers  at the
21 (not sure if it was Thomas Young or Malik Monroe on the recovery).
Several strong runs by Grissom and Monroe moved the ball
downfield for the Tigers.  Jamal
Johnson’s 35 yard TD run was negated by a Tiger holding penalty, but even that
Tiger mistake would not stop the Tigers on this occasion.  Grissom passed to 
Scotty Adams for 10
yards, and then it was Grissom and Monroe sharing the ball until Monroe finally
took it in for the 24 yard TD.  The
PAT failed, but Tiger fans breathed a sigh of relief as the Tigers appeared 
to cruise on to the victory, now leading 26-12, with only 1:59 left in the game.
Re-enter Delfincko Bogan, as he darted to the right and went
75 yards untouched for his 2nd kickoff return for a TD.  The 2-point run was 
strung out and
stopped by the Tiger defense.  Tigers  26  Jays  18 with 1:48 remaining in the 
The Jays onside kick attempt only travelled 8 yards, giving
the Tigers the ball at the Jays 48.  
Grissom carried for 2 yards on 1st down.  Timeout Jays.  Monroe carried for 1 
yard on 2nd down.  Timeout Jays, their last.  If the Jays could hold the Tigers 
on 3rd and 7, they would have a chance to get the ball back.  Monroe foiled 
that plan, carrying for 16 yards, essentially
icing the victory.  Grissom added
another strong 13 yard run, and then took a knee twice deep in BlueJay territory
and the game ended with the Tigers victorious:  26-18.
Again, thanks to Thomas Guest, for a detailed play-by-play,
scoring summary and stats, here’s how you can do it:
For iPhone/iPad users, download the free app called
“HSGC”.  Once downloaded select MENU, FIND A TEAM, MISSOURI, SOUTHEAST 
and then VARSITY.  From there you
can click on tonight’s game, or a previous 2013 Tiger game.
On your computer, go to:  
Another amazing part of
this technology is that you can actually “watch” the game (play-by-play) as
Thomas puts the information in during the game.
Many, many thanks to Thomas
for finding an app that gives us ALL of the game information we could ever
Brief synopsis:
The two teams moved the ball well against each other, but
both teams had a little trouble finishing their drives.  Each team only had 1 
punt on the
night.  The Tigers forced a couple
of fumbles stopping two Jays drives.  The Jays answered not one, but two Tiger 
TDs with a kickoff return for a
TD.  The Tigers showed a balance
rushing attack tonight with both Tyler Grissom and Darrel Monroe carrying for
over 150 yards.
So proud of so many of our young Tigers who played well
tonight.  It is great to see many
sophomores and even a few freshman stepping up to help the upper-classmen!  
Great job guys!
The Tigers are now 2-1.  The Tigers will be on the road at Dexter to take on the
Bearcats next Friday night.  Hope a
lot of Tiger fans make the trip, eat some ribs, and watch the Tigers play for
their 3rd win of the young season!
Go Tigers Go!!!  Once a Tiger…always a Tiger!!!
W. Keith Currie
CHS Class of 1983

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