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Way to Go Tigers!  Thank you again Keith for keeping us updated...Great job!

On Thursday, October 31, 2013 11:35 PM, W. Keith Currie 
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October 31, 2013  TIGERS  61  Grandview 6 
A truly spooky Halloween evening at Hopke Field in
Caruthersville, where under ominous clouds and the threat of severe weather,
the Tigers started off Class 2 District 1 play against the Eagles of Grandview
High School.  The Tigers
immediately took control of the game and coasted to an easy win as the clouds
opened up right as the 2nd half started and heavy rains soaked Hopke
Field, sending most of the fans racing for the exits.  Those who braved the 
storm were there to see the final
score, a treat for the Tigers:  TIGERS 61  Grandview 6 
The Tigers, wearing their all red home uniforms would kick
off to the Eagles wearing white jerseys and black pants and helmets.  The 
Eagles failed to gain a 1st down and punted giving the ball to the Tigers at 
the Eagles 41. 
Rodrick Jones carried for 9 yards on 1st down.  On 2nd and 1,
Tyler Grissom threw a perfect pass to Thomas Young for a 32 yard
touchdown.  Colt Callens added the
PAT.  TIGERS 7 Eagles 0 with 9:38
in the 1st. 
On the ensuing kickoff, Tiger Tyler McCaig stripped the ball
from the Eagles and raced to the Eagles 14 yardline.  Jones carried for 1 yard 
on 1st down, for 12
yards on 2nd down, and would score from 1 yard out.  Callens added the PAT.  
TIGERS  14  Eagles 0
8:29 1st. 
The Eagles would turn the ball over on a fumble recovered by
the Tigers Malik Monroe, giving the Tigers the ball at the Eagles 26. 
Grissom hit Jamal Johnson with a perfect 26 yard TD pass in
the back of the endzone.  Callens
PAT attempt was wide right.  TIGERS  20  Eagles  0 with 7:33 left in the 
The Eagles next possession was 3 and punt, giving the Tigers
the ball at their own 41 yardline.  The Tigers would quickly turn the ball over 
on an interception.  The Eagles again went 3 and punt,
giving the Tigers the ball at the Eagles 45. 
Jamal Johnson would score on a beautiful 45 yard run on 1st down.  Callens 
added the PAT.  TIGERS  27  Eagles  0 with 2:38 remaining in the 1st quarter. 
The Eagles failed to convert on a 4th and 4,
giving the Tigers the ball at the 50 yardline. 
Jones carried for 29 yards to the Eagles 21.  Then Jones was dropped for a loss 
6.  Grissom carried for 13
yards.  Jones would then power his
way in from 14 yards out.  Callens
added the PAT.  TIGERS 34  Eagles  0 with 10:31 left in the half. 
The Eagles next possession would be a 3 and punt.  Tiger Tyler Trevathan 
fielded the punt
at the Tigers 37 and would weave his way through the Eagles coverage and then
outrun everybody for the 63 yard punt return for TD.  Callens added the PAT.  
TIGERS  41  Eagles  0 with 9:10 left in the half. 
After the Tiger defensive line starters were removed from
the game, the Eagles were able to gain their first 1st down on the
night on a 17 yard carry by Michael Wenzelburger.  Wenzelburger and QB Tyler 
Billingsley moved the ball all the
way down to the Tigers 15.  On 4th down, Tiger Peyton Faulkner stopped 
Wenzelburger for a loss of 2 giving the
Tigers the ball at the Tigers 17. 
Grissom carried for 3 yards, and then again for 8 yards.  Jones carried for 6 
yards.  Trevathan then ran for 17 yards to the
Eagles 49.  Jones then carried for
13 yards.  Grissom passed to
Faulkner for a gain of 9.  Jones
then ran for 24 yards to the Eagles 5.  Jones would get the touchdown from 5 
yards out.  Callens added the PAT.  TIGERS  48  Eagles 0
with 0:42 left in the half. 
The Eagles would run 3 plays before the half came to an end.  TIGERS  48  
Eagles  0 
The storms would come right at the end of halftime.  The officials decided to 
make the 3rd quarter a 10:00 quarter (as agreed to by both teams), and with a 
running clock,
the quarter sailed by quickly as HEAVY rains soaked the field and sent almost
all of the crowd home early. 
The Tigers 2nd team offense would start from
their own 34.  Chris Wade carried
for 1 yard.  Freshman Logan Medlin
had a nice strong 15 yard run.  Wade carried for 14 yards.  Medlin was dropped 
for a 5 yard loss.  Medlin ran for 2.  Medlin then completed a pass to freshman 
David Cook for 15 yards to the
Eagles 24.  McCaig would gain 6
yards.  Medlin then ran for 4.  Wade ran for 1.  Medlin for no gain.  Medlin 
ran for 9 yards and then scored
on a 4 yard run!  Callens added the
PAT.  TIGERS  55 Eagles 0 with 1:57 left in the 3rd.   
With all Tiger starters now on the sideline, the Eagles were
finally able to move the ball.  Billingsley threw for 6 yards to Sam Smith.  
Wenzelburger ran for 5 as the 3rd quarter came to
an end.  Billingsley then hit Keith
Roy with a pass and Roy raced 54 yards to the endzone.  The 2point run was 
stopped by the
Tigers.  TIGERS  55  Eagles  6 with
11:49 left in the game. 
Tiger freshman QB Lamonte Bell was now in charge of the
Tiger offense.  Bell would carry
for 1 yard.  Xavier Williams
carried for 2 yards, and then for 12.  Bell ran for 10.  William gained
22 yards to the Eagles 8.  Bell
carried for 6 yards, and would then take it in for the TD from 2 yards
out.  The PAT failed.  TIGERS  61  Eagles  6 with 6:52 remaining in the game. 
The Eagles would muster on final 1st down and
then turn the ball over on downs.  The Tigers ran one play and the clock 
TIGERS  61  Grandview  6 
IF you are still reading, you may have noticed that I never
mentioned a name you might have heard of….Darrell Monroe. Tiger standout
Darrell Monroe was not dressed for the game due to a minor injury.  I have it 
on good authority that he
will be ready to go, if needed in the next game. 
Just a few statistics: 
Tyler Grissom completed 3 of 6 passes for 60 yards, and 2
were TDs.  He added 4 carries for
36 yards. 
Rod Jones carried 13 times for 125 yards and 3 TDs. 
Jamal Johnson had 1 carry for a 45 yard TD, and 1 26 yard TD
Logan Medlin had 8 carries for 29 yards and a TD. 
Lamonte Bell had 4 carries for 19 yards and a TD. 
Thomas Young had 1 catch, a 32 yard TD. 
Tyler Trevathan had 1 punt return…a 63 yard TD! 
Tonight’s win pushes the Tigers record to 8-1 on the season,
and gives them a 2-0 in the all-time series with Grandview. 
The Tiger will play host to St. Pius X High School in 2nd round play on 
Wednesday November 6 at 7:00 p.m.  This will be the 1st meeting on the gridiron
between the 2 schools.  Hopefully
the weather will be a little nicer, and the place will be filled with LOUD
Tigers fans! 
W. Keith Currie 
CHS Class of 1983 

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