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  • Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 09:28:23 -0400

Thanks for the game summary, I enjoyed it as always.  Also thanks for
sharing the game app; it is amazing.

Jennifer Pierce
Class of 1968
On Sep 7, 2013 1:14 AM, "W. Keith Currie" <wkcurrie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 9-6-13  TIGERS  32   Malden  7
> ** **
> A warm swampeast Missouri night at Malden as the Tigers surfed the Green
> Wave to a 32-7 victory.
> ** **
> I am going to change the format of my summary a bit, thanks to Thomas
> Guest bringing me into the 21st century technology.   Rather than posting
> a play-by-play, stats, and box score, I will just touch on some of the
> Tiger highlights.  For a detailed play-by-play, scoring summary and
> stats, here’s how:
> ** **
> For iPhone/iPad users, download the free app called “HSGC”.  Once
> CARUTHERSVILLE, and then VARSITY.  From there you can click on tonight’s
> game, the Mountain View game or whatever else you desire.****
> ** **
> On your computer, go to:
> http://www.hsgamecenter.com/missouri/school/caruthersville-tigers/football/varsity/boys
> .****
> ** **
> Another amazing part of this technology is that you can actually “watch”
> the game (play-by-play) as Thomas puts the information in during the game.
> ****
> ** **
> Many, many thanks to Thomas for finding an app that gives us ALL of the
> game information we could ever want!
> ** **
> ** **
> ** **
> Series History:
> ** **
> The Tigers and the Green Wave first met in 1916 with the Tigers winning
> 13-0.  The teams have met sporadically over the years, and didn’t play
> each other at all in the 1930s nor the 1950s.  Tonight was the 65thmeeting 
> between these teams and the Tigers now lead the overall series
> 35-30, thanks to dominating the series since 2000, 12-3.
> ** **
>  Now, for a few tidbits from the game.
> ** **
> I think most in attendance would agree that the Tigers appeared a bit
> sluggish tonight…just didn’t seem to have the spirit and enthusiasm to
> which we have become so accustomed.
> ** **
> Strangely, the Tigers appeared to have a few more cramping issues tonight
> than last week…even though it was a much cooler night.
> ** **
> My stars of the game:
> ** **
> MALIK MONROE:  What a great comeback story…as in last year’s Malden game,
> Malik suffered a horric broken arm, which required surgery and a plate with
> a bunch of screws!  Malik was simply “going HAM” tonight, as he did a
> great job on the offensive line, and was simply a force on defense… 4.5
> tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and was in on many other plays.  His shining
> moment came with 4:51 to go in the game when he stopped the Malden ball
> carrier, stripped the ball and raced 50 yards to the HOUSE for his 1stCHS 
> varsity TD.
> A great, great game Malik!
> ** **
> COLT CALLENS:  His best game ever!  Where do I start?  Defense, of course!
> Colt was everywhere.  4 solo tackles; 3.5 tackles for loss; 1 sack; and
> was even in on a pass breakup or 2.  Punting is also a defensive
> category, and Colt again shined, punting 5 times for an average of 43.2
> yards, but most importantly…4 punts inside the 20!  Oh yeah, he played a
> little offense, too.  3 catches for 64 yards, including a TD, and even
> had 1 carry for 4 yards.
> ** **
> DARRELL MONROE:  He’s Malik’s big brother…and he is pretty good at
> football, too!  ;-)  4 tackles, and a tackle for loss.  He carried the
> ball 19 times for 176 yards and 2 TDs.  He also had 2 long TDs that were
> negated by Tiger penalties.  Darrell had an amazing run, late in the game
> where he shook off numerous Malden defenders on a 3rd and long…gaining
> the 1st down.  I think I need to give Darrell credit for teaching Malik
> how to “strip and score”.  ;-)
> ** **
> It was great to see a bunch of “new” Tigers playing, and making their
> contributions to another Tiger victory.  Some freshmen, some sophomores,
> and even some new juniors and seniors got some great experience tonight.  We
> will need ALL of the Tigers to continue to contribute so we can have
> another amazing year!
> ** **
> It was not a “pretty” win tonight for the Tigers.  But, a win is a win.  The
> Tigers definitely need to continue to improve and especially need to rid
> themselves of the mental mistakes.  I have no doubt that they will.  They
> better, as they will face a tough challenge next Friday night when a tough
> bunch of Birds from Charleston will pay the Tigers a visit at Hopke Field.
> ** **
> I hope that you have enjoyed the new summary format…it sure makes things
> easier on me.  If you have any questions about the hsgamechanger app or
> website, I would be glad to try to assist you…but Thomas Guest is the local
> expert on the subject.
> ** **
> W. Keith Currie
> CHS Class of 1983

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