[chaoscope] another problem

  • From: "Steven Littiebrant" <imgroxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Chaoscope mailing list" <chaoscope@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2004 18:08:24 -0500

ok.... this is at 1600*1200, same attractor (it does the same
with every one I've got, all equations, all rendering
styles).  The trick is that it only happens when I scroll down,
and I think it might be based on my computer's actual resolution
(1024*768), because that's where it gets stuck.  Like it's not
actually showing it correctly beyond what my monitor could
normally show, even though it's in a window.
In 0.2, it did something probably related.  My primary monitor
would display it perfectly, I don't remember it having that bug
on the bottom (maybe, maybe not.  I can't remember, but I can
try it again if you want).  The secondary monitor, however, did
this exact same thing and it wouldn't show up in the correct
location.  The primary monitor was aligned correctly, but the
secondary followed the window in the same place (roughly
centered) and it never aligned correctly with the top and bottom
edge of the rendering window.

I can take more images, take an animation, run a logging
program, whatever, if it'll help.
  Steven Littiebrant

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