[Census] Census 2 is released!

  • From: Justin Wilkins <justinwil@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Census <census@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 11:31:54 +0200

Dear all, 

After a very long wait, I'm happy to be able to announce the release of Census 
2.0 beta 1 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux! Windows and Mac binary installation 
packages, as well as the source code, are available for immediate download at 

Census 2 is a comprehensive project manager for NONMEM, providing detailed 
summary, comparison and overview of the runs comprising a given project, 
including the display of output data and post-run processing. The new version 
is a complete rewrite of Census from the ground up, using free and open source 
development tools (Lazarus and FPC - more information at 
http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org). In addition to adding cross-platform 
support, Census 2 incorporates a number of interface changes, including 
flexible run tagging and filtering, report output in HTML and LaTeX, a portable 
database file format (Census databases are now single files, rather than 
folders), full support for NONMEM 7.2 (including support for multiple 
estimation steps), and too many others to mention.

It should be noted that Census 2 is a completely new application, and has few 
links to Census 1.x (which has been put on development hiatus for the time 
being, owing to time limitations). Also, Census 2 only supports versions of 
NONMEM that produce XML output, which means that NONMEM V and VI are not 
supported (and there are no plans to add support for them in the future). The 
last release of Census 1.x contains a number of bugs - these will be fixed, but 
probably not soon. If this is a problem (i.e. if you can't use Census 2 for 
whatever reason), please let me know.

Census 2 is, and will remain, free software under the GNU Lesser General Public 
License, version 3.0. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome. If you 
would like to help with the development of Census 2, please contact me. Thanks 
and appreciation to my colleagues at Exprimo for being my alpha testers!

Best regards
Justin Wilkins

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