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The Central Connecticut Open Systems Society (CCOSS) is planning to have its 
next meeting at the Welles-Turner Memorial Library, 2407 Main Street, 
Glastonbury, CT on Monday, December 8, 2003, 7 PM to 9 PM (the library closing 
time) or earlier if we finish beforehand.

This meeting will be a show and tell night where you can give a short 
presentation or talk, e.g., 5 - 15 minutes, about any Linux/open-source topic, 
e.g., relevant news, technical how-to's, a favorite relevant Web site, etc. We 
encourage everyone to talk or at least give the group a goal that you have 
regarding Linux/open-source software, so we'll make sure we give everyone time 
to talk. Bill Rivet and I are planning on giving prepared presentations. 
Available equipment will be a computer overhead projector and my computer (or 
your own computer) connected to the overhead projector by the video port, an 
Internet connection (probably by Ethernet), a transparency overhead projector 
(with your own transparencies), and a white board on a stand large enough to be 
visible to the audience with markers and something to erase with. (I'm going to 
get training on Dec. 2 about how to set up the Internet connection.)

Also after meeting, I'd like to discuss the frequency of future meetings, e.g., 
every quarter year. The Welles-Turner Memorial Library Friend's Room is 
available four times per calendar year (January to December). In the past 
couple months, we've used half our reservations for 2003. Besides frequency of 
meetings, I'd like to talk about CCOSS Web site design ideas.

CCOSS has its own mailing list. Start here first: 
//www.freelists.org/cgi-bin/list?list_id=3594. Besides using that page to 
unsubscribe or subscribe, you can send email to ccoss-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
with 'unsubscribe' or 'subscribe' in the subject. You will receive an email 
confirmation to which you have to reply. To post to the list once subscribed, 
send email to ccoss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx There are no advertisements in the postings.

The program will be held in the Friend's Room, which is just inside on the left 
when you come in from the back parking lot. The program is free and open to the 
public. Directions can be found at "http://www.wtmlib.com/gi2.htm#directions";. 
We are looking forward to seeing you there.

CCOSS is a group of computer enthusiasts who are dedicated to learning and 
discussing open-source operating systems and software. Our Web site is 

SCOSUG (Southern Connecticut Open Source User Group) is another group that 
promotes open source software and one that I'm a member of. See www.scosug.org. 
It meets monthly in the training room of Innovation Software Group, LLC, North 
Haven, CT. See www.innovationsw.com.

Christopher Paulin
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