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  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 09:29:53 -0400

Dear Earthlink users on CPS/CC mailing lists,

Your e-mail address gets its service through Earthlink and they are blocking
the CPS/CC PTG/PA mailing list server, adrian.colonial.net, from sending
e-mail to Earthlink customers. Something in the traffic coming out of our
server caused some internet systems to classify us as a spammer, and that
caused Earthlink to block us.

I've already gone through all the steps described here:


make sure we aren't and shouldn't be blocked. And the auto-responses I get
from Earthlink indicate our server is not blocked, though this status may
not yet have reached Earthlink's mail servers.

However, we're still being blocked. And this is why you haven't gotten your
elementary, CMS, and/or CCHS bulletins.

Perhaps the unblock notification really is still flowing within Earthlink,
and this situation will clear up on its own. Or perhaps Earthlink needs to
hear from its customers. (I'm one, too, by the way...)

But it would be great for me if one of you has spare time and is willing to
try to get through to a human at Earthlink. I can supply logs and sample
bounce messages, but I don't have time today to play phone tag with them,

For the moment, most or all of your addresses are disabled in the lists to
avoid further bouncing. Once this is cleared up, I'll reset your

(Note also that there's a separate effort to move the lists to a different,
perhaps commercial, provider, in large part to avoid this recurring problem
of ISPs blocking us.)

Richard (parent volunteer list server admin)

-- Richard A. Wells
-- raw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -- personal
-- raw@xxxxxxx -- professional

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