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  • From: "Casolai !" <casolai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 02:22:50 -0700

 >Hmm, the list seems to have gotten pretty quiet lately...
 >Anyway, it was mentioned a while back that Calmira 4.0 was hopefully
 >supposed to be out by the end of last year. I was just curious, how's it
 >coming along? Are there any chances for a release sometime soon?

 > ------------------------------

 >Yep, Calmira-Tips has been quiet lately.  I haven't
 >hear anything new in regards to a 4.0 release...
 >I still use 3.2 quite a bit.  May have to try 3.3
 >since I have MS IE 5 installed on my Win311 machine
 >now, in addition to Opera 3.62.  Problems with
 >IE "Options", when you click "OK", it usually will
 >crash Calmira.  3.25 and 3.3 have this bug squashed!


Yep, I'm eagerly waiting for 4.0 also, using 3.31 on my classic IBM PS/2 
9557slc3 Ultimedia system. That special stand alone version of msdos 7.1 
also works perfectly with WFW311/Calmira331. The defrag and scandisk from 
msdos 6.22 will not work with 7.1, so you need to use the defrag from pcdos 
2000, and the scandisk from win98.

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