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 Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 05:18:42 -0800 (PST)
 From: Ricardo Rita <ricardo_rita@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Calmira update
 Windows 9x has a "windows update" feature to check out if there's a new win=
 dows version and download it.
 I wonder, the www.calmira.org site could implement this feature with a cgi =
 script maybe, so that calmira would be automatically updated. On the settin=
 gs submenu, there would be a "Calmira update" option, pointing to a http li=
 nk and a version information, and the site script would check out if the ve=
 rsion is older and dowload the new one.
 When Calmira II 4.0 is out, if there's some last minute bug and a fix is re=
 leased, this feature would be most useful.
 Thank you for your time. >>

Hmm, interesting...while it might be useful, it would also
need to have an option to disable any automatic download.
That was always one of my complaints with Windows Update
when my old Win95 A was still supported.  I still prefer to be
notified via email that an update is available, and then if I
desire to I can download it and install it later, when not
connected to the internet.  That Windows Update "virus installer"
hehe, would always pop up at inconvenient times...so I turned
off the auto-download.
See you later!
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