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        <CT> Merry Christmas
 From: "Can U Count 2 4" <reply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: <CT> Merry Christmas
 Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 13:40:32 +0100
 Dear All,
         I would like to wish everyone on this list a Merry Christmas. And 
also what does the future of calmira hold is their going to be anything done 
to Calmira it seems to have been abandoned. And only recieved couple of 
messages from the list in the last few months.
 Trev >>

Merry Christmas Trev...and everyone else!

Calmira hasn't been abandoned that I'm aware of.  I think
the low level of activity on the list is only and indication
that everyone has a lot of other activities as well.  Most
of the email lists I subscribe to are showing lower than
usual activity.  I suspect that after the holiday season,
our participants will be back with us!

See you later!
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