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 Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:08:56 -0700 (MST)
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 Subject: <CT> Entry to Calmira Guestbook (fwd)
 Hi all :)
 Look below, I got a guestbook entry telling about an interesting
 GRAPHICAL shell for DOS.. I visited that page, and I'm going to try
 that out.
 rm -rf /bin/laden
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 You have a new entry in your guestbook:
 Name: Ernest
 Email: <SorryNoM@xxxxxxx>
 Location: HG, HE DE
 Time: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 14:58:22
 Comments: Hi,
 I'm back again. Calmira still rulez!
 Found an interesting DOS Equivalent:
 Keep your eyes open ! :-)

IIRC, DOS-94 is basically just a GUI to the utilities that are
included with MS DOS 6.2 thru 6.22, namely Backup, Defrag
Scandisk...I downloaded once sometime back, and I did not
find an easy way to change to targets for the shortcuts.  But,
if you use MS DOS 6.2XX, it might be handy.  I have seen
other "Win9X Like" DOS shells, one is shareware, DosStart,
the other freeware, Desktop 2.  I had mixed results with DosStart,
maily losing the mouse cursor.  Desktop 2 seems to require a
bit more hard drive than I wish to allow for a shell.  Of all the DOS
shells I've used, Magic Desk is still my all-time favorite...I have
it available from my Wizard57M web page...
Another DOS shell I've tinkered with is WinTix, still under active
development.  I think the URL is www.wintix.com, not sure though!
See you later!
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